10 Inspired Rewards & Incentives for Your Employees

More than ever before, employees are realizing their worth. With so many choosing to take jobs that personally suit their lifestyle, companies must step up their game with rewards and incentives to keep the most important asset they have – their people. And, employees these days are looking for more than 401K’s and the “usual” benefits programs. They want to feel fulfilled in their work life, as much as they do in their home life.

  1. Celebrate Achievements. Building a positive company culture starts with employees recognizing one another’s successes. Whether it’s a personal milestone or a professional one, posting this information in the company newsletter, over social media or even in the next meeting will make the individual feel appreciated and included, and your other employees will know they will feel the same when it is their turn.
  2. Create a Rewards Program. There are so many actions an employee can take that propels them toward the top – it might be consistently meeting deadlines, unwaveringly following safety protocols or always accomplishing a particular goal. Personalize these actions by translating them into points that they can redeem for egift cards, charity donations, paid days off, etc.
  3. Always Recognize Birthdays & Anniversaries. If you run a large company, there will be a lot of these dates, so be certain there are reminders in place. Work anniversaries and birthdays should always be recognized with either a meaningful message, a small gift or meeting shout out. These big days are important to the employee, which means their company should make them important, as well.
  4. Plan an Escape Room. The name of the game is employee retention. And if employees feel that their employer is team-focused, they are most likely to stay. Escape rooms (real or virtual) are perfect avenues to test teamwork, strengthen co-worker connections, and have a little bit of fun. Employees will also learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which can help in task delegation.
  5. Offer Remote Work. During the pandemic, working remotely became a necessity for many. And then as time went on, many got used to working from home. If your company has the ability to allow people to work from home, offering the opportunity at least a couple days of the week will help them feel more independent, in control, and will save them money in fuel costs and commute time, creating more value for them in their role.
  6. Bring the Outdoors In. There was always that one kid in class who asked, “Can we hold class outside today?” Well, adults are really no different because being outside lends a bit of freedom and clarity to any day. Give the office a once-over by adding live plants, more windows, and painting the walls an airy or tropical color. This will create an environment that employees will want to be in.
  7. A Day Pass. As a reward for a great accomplishment, offer the employee the next day off. Tell them at the end of the work day so they can make plans if they wish and enjoy sleeping in. Having a paid day off in the middle of the week or even a Friday will make them feel especially appreciated, and give them a bit of a rest after their significant success.
  8. Hold a Scavenger Hunt. A terrific way to bring your employees together. They can all be on one team or be separated into competitive groups. They’ll get to know the region more than they already do with regards to art, culture, and history. Have them answer questions where the answers are hidden on statues, works of art, and plaques. Have them take photos with every find to be coordinated on the office cork board, newsletter or social media site.
  9. Hold Weekly Lunches. Or breakfasts – choose from a Monday breakfast or a Friday lunch. It’s something every employee can look forward to at the start of a new week or at the end of a long one. Choose from various themes or ethnic foods and if employees want to, let them participate by bringing in a home cooked or store bought item, just be certain to be cognizant of those with allergies.
  10. Make a Short Film. Most people would love the opportunity to be in a corporate video, even if it’s for a few moments. Ask for purely voluntary participation, and then have employees speak about their experiences with the company, both good and bad. You might be thoroughly surprised at how many want to participate, the good things they truly feel, and the appreciation and inclusion they feel with the company after the video is complete.

It’s no easy task getting your employees to want to stay with your company and feel valued. The good news is there are hundreds of different strategies to implement that will result in high employee retention.