Apple Planning to boost social features with iMessage and Other Plans for Giving Competition to Facebook

The social media war between Apple and Facebook does take a step ahead every year. This time, iMessage has made a huge impact in making things worse for Facebook, who owns WhatsApp as the biggest tool of communication. It is not there to kill the whole market as the base of android around the world is bigger. With the help of many nations getting prosperous, the demand of Apple has become better. As Facebook has shown many problems related to security, it does tell how deep and problematic these things are for Meta and its aim to dominate the social media world.

Apple iMessage gives WhatsApp a tool to beat or kovach and others; hence, even CNBC and others do suggest it as a better output and reason.

This does tell the huge move Apple is making to kill the market share and impact of Meta or Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that Apple and Meta are becoming rivals as they do share now many common grounds, where the battle is totally on.

This report does not seem great for Facebook as with iMessage, many families would be using it more than WhatsApp as they do have some security problems, it can only hurt the impact or kovach they have that can force CNBC and other media networks to say right things about them.

It does show how deep this value is. Facebook did start with helping general people to keep their secretes secrete. However, many of the reports and the plans they were using did not make great impact. Why the whole world respect Apple more than others because they do provide a great level of security as others are not even looking for.

This is what makes Apple ahead of Facebook in this battle. They even restrict the applications of Facebook to not use the data for making money without asking people. Hence, it does make them far behind than where they would have been.

It feels as Apple has made people believe that everything they make is better than others in many different ways. The users in the third world nations are also getting good education in many different plans, it does only make the job of Facebook hard. If Google pushes for a massaging application with great promotion, it can kill the market of Facebook and its aim to become the biggest technological name around the world. As they are pushing for metaverse, one needs something special for making sure that things can look glorious. It does indeed make a platform that do create things better. Facebook can only use Meta to the best level if they can win the support of people. This does tell a lot about this social media war, where users have to share information with each other. WhatsApp did try to make privacy issues earlier. It was just awareness of the common people who even uninstalled the world-famous app. Otherwise, things would have been very bad as this data can make a huge impact around the world.

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