Choosing a weighted blanket: What do you need to know?

Weighted blankets have become answers to many people’s prayers, people that have battled with restlessness, hot nights, or some health conditions. It’s worth the hype.

However, a question that keeps coming up is, “what size weighted blanket should I get?” Choosing the right weighted blanket might prove difficult; the good news is that it’s not difficult. This article will guide you on selecting the appropriately weighted blanket and a few things you need to know about a weighted blanket.

Choosing your blanket

What size weighted blanket should I get? Is that the question you’re asking too?

Experts advise using a weighted blanket that is ten percent of your body weight. Putting this in mind will make things easier. You must, however, know that this varies with various age groups. Let’s take a brief look at some age groups:


Children with some health disorders like autism use weighted blankets as recommended by their doctors or therapists. The ten percent rule also applies to them.

Also, bear in mind that a child must be able to move the weighted blanket by himself. It’s best not to use a weighted blanket on a child of two years and less.


Get a blanket size that will fit your height, length, and width for maximum benefit. It will ensure you enjoy the therapeutic benefits it brings. The ten percent rule also applies. However, if you feel a blanket is too heavy for you, choose a lighter one and vice versa.


You should carefully put the sizes and weights of both users into consideration. If an adult wants to share a blanket with a child, he definitely cannot use a blanket of 20lbs on that child. Sometimes a compromise has to be reached. You can select a blanket that’s the average of the two weights.

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What is the big deal about a weighted blanket?

If you have not used a weighted blanket and you’re surprised by the hype people give it, you may need to look at why people love it. Hopefully, when you do, you’ll soon become a fan of it.

A weighted blanket, especially a bamboo weighted blanket, has the following functions:

1. Gives a soothing sensation: How does it feel to have a sound, restful and calming sleep in the night after a stressful day? Heavenly, right? A weighted blanket will do that.  Manufacturers make bamboo weighted blankets with organic bamboo, which gives a calming effect to the body.

2. Relieves stress, anxiety, and some disorders: Doctors and physiotherapists recommend these heavy blankets because they help to reduce pain, relieve stress, and relax the body. The weighted blanket works on the deep pressure stimulation principle. This pressure sends a signal to the brain to release serotonin, making you have this “Happy” sensation. You also feel being hugged (when you wrap the blanket around you), and it produces a calming effect on the body.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying out a bamboo weighted blanket right away. You’ll be grateful you did.


We believe this article has been able to provide an answer to the question, “what size weighted blanket should I get?” If yes, you should get one right away.


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