Options Available To Pursue MBA For Professionals

Are you a working professional aspiring to accelerate your career growth? Do you aspire to pursue an MBA but are not conversant with the available options? If yes, then this article is for you. It provides in-depth insights on the concept and significance of an MBA for professionals and the alternatives available to pursue an MBA program.

What is MBA for professional courses, and who should take them? 

MBA is a post-graduate management degree program that equips you with fundamental know-how of business and management concepts, functions, and principles. It also develops crucial soft skills, like leadership, interpersonal, communication, critical thinking, analyzing, and time management, to help you thrive in your managerial career or advance your business to the next level. The course enhances your understanding of business problems from different perspectives to find productive solutions. 

The conventional school of thought advocates pursuing MBA mainly for the ones aspiring to enter the corporate world and assume specific management roles in organizations. However, this trend has changed in the past few years. MBA for professionals are exclusive programs designed for experienced working professionals from distinct backgrounds to help them achieve career milestones. Students with diverse academic credentials and career goals are now applying for MBA courses to learn management and leadership skills. Graduates from different disciplines pursue a master’s management program to gain in-depth knowledge of business practices in their chosen field. Budding business owners enroll to understand the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship differences before starting their business/company. 

Thus, in today’s fast-paced competitive times, MBA is for all. Anyone with good academic background and a few years of working experience should pursue an MBA program to give an extra edge to their career. So, whether you want to move ahead within your current organization, switch to a different industry, or start your business venture, you must enroll in an MBA to advance your career growth. 

Types and content of MBA courses in India 

Business schools and educational institutes offer different types of MBAs for professionals with work experience. These programs are – 

  • Part-time MBA – Two or more years program for working professionals
  • Executive MBA – One to two years program for executive or senior-level working professionals
  • Online MBA – One to two years distance-learning program for working professionals in remote locations.

The above programs are for working professionals who wish to upgrade their qualifications and skills but cannot commit to a full-time study plan. They attend classes on weekends or in the evening (through online, physical, or hybrid learning modes) and prefer to study at their own pace.

MBA for professionals in India is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge in line with global megatrends. The core program teaches management concepts and principles to provide a deep understanding of the scope and nature of management. It entails the study of elementary business-related subjects such as – 

  • Business communication
  • Management functions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting
  • Operations
  • Economics
  • Business ethics 

Specializations encompass choosing specific learning domains or elective fields, such as –

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Pharma and Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics and Supply Chain, etc. 

With changing business objectives and the advancement in digital technology, new specializations are getting added to the list of MBA programs, a few being –

  • Data Science
  • Data/Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning, etc. 

You can choose the core and specialization/elective courses per your skills, areas of interest, and career/professional goals.

Management training also focuses on developing soft skills, like leadership, strategic planning, decision-making, organizational behavior, change management, and business communication, for the holistic development of future MBAs.

The pedagogy for MBA programs for professionals in India is a blend of conceptual tutoring and practical application of management tools/techniques in real-life projects. Case studies and hands-on exercises are the prevalent teaching methods for experiential learning of the subjects. 

Purpose of pursuing an MBA for professionals

The aspirants enroll in an MBA for professionals course to 

  • Learn technical, management, and life-thriving soft skills
  • Work with reputed brands/top companies
  • Negotiate a remunerative salary package
  • Scale up the organizational ladder of hierarchy (job promotions)
  • Gain knowledge of the nature of management and essential business practices before embarking on the entrepreneurship journey
  • Widen the scope of global career growth opportunities.

Benefits/Outcomes of pursuing an MBA for professionals

  • Hones your leadership, communication, time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, and other soft skills to help you foster professional relationships and enhance your confidence.
  • Make you stand out to employers by enhancing your credibility and marketability as a competent professional, thus boosting your job and career advancement prospects.
  • Expands your professional network by building meaningful connections with diverse groups of like-minded people in your field and interacting with peers, professors, and experienced professionals for long-term mutual benefit.
  • Understanding and appreciating the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship differences provide greater clarity about your career and entrepreneurship goals.
  • Immensely increases your worth and earning potential with a significant surge in your annual base salary. 
  • Facilitates prompt understanding of the business challenges and helps identify ways to adapt fast to the changing environment.
  • The technical knowledge and skillset broaden the horizons of career opportunities for young professionals and prepares them for higher organizational/leadership roles.


MBA for professionals is a means that opens doors to myriad opportunities and accelerates the growth of their career trajectory. Equipping management and leadership skills with domain expertise creates a robust foundation to make them successful organizational or business leaders of tomorrow. 

Many online education platforms, like Harappa, offer advanced and progressive post-graduate management programs keeping in mind the explicit requirements of working professionals. ‘Accelerated MBA program’ is one such online program by the Harappa School of Leadership (or HSOL) focusing on live and immersive learning of aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals. It offers free online resources and an application-based curriculum to impart top-of-the-line business management education and lifelong leadership skills.

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