Points To Consider Before a Chemical Peel

Do you like the look and feel of your skin? The outermost organ has a significant impact on your confidence. If you don’t like it, your confidence drops, which impacts your productivity. It is the main reason we invest in skin care products and measures. Chemical peels Cypress wins on many fronts as you compare ways to address issues like acne scars, aging signs, and uneven tone and texture, to name a few. The chemical part can be scary, but the treatments are safe for virtually anyone. The non-surgical treatment is exfoliation, which entails the skin’s surface layer removal. Before you dive in, though, here are a few points to ensure you do it right.

Selecting the right chemical peel

You can go with light, medium, or deep peel. Your condition and goals inform the choice. For instance, if you only need a gentle peel, the light (superficial) option, which could be a combination of alpha-hydroxy, glycolic, fruit, or lactic, could suffice. This only peels the epidermis (outer layer). A medium chemical peel works a bit deeper to the surface of the dermis (middle skin layer).

A deep chemical peel removes cells deeper and can work on problematic concerns, including acne scars, precancerous growths, fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging signs.   Consulting your doctor to ensure you pick the right option is a great starting point. It will ensure you select a chemical peel in line with your needs and goals, facilitating the realization of desirable results.

The expectations

If you expect dramatic results after the peel, you might be disappointed. Realistic expectations can’t be emphasized enough, especially considering the damage the skin has taken. The chemical peel is not a one-time- fix and forget skincare shortcut. You may need several treatments to realize the desired results, which you need to take the right steps to maintain. After the treatment, for instance, you need to effectively protect the skin from sun exposure since it is highly sensitive. From there, you should adopt a healthier skincare regimen to retain the glow you achieve.

Potential risks

A chemical peel is safe but not free from potential side effects. You can experience effects such as redness, swelling, scabbing, scarring, skin color changes, and infection. The risks can be minimized through effective preparations and aftercare, as the expert recommends. In rare cases, the chemical peel can result in kidney, heart, or lung damage since it uses acid. This is the main reason deep chemical peel is done in phases to control and minimize exposure.

Frequency and results onset

You will notice some changes after the first treatment, but they may not be drastic. As earlier highlighted, a chemical peel is not a one-and-done treatment. You need several sessions, which can be monthly, bi-monthly, or a frequency that best matches your condition and goals. Including the treatment in your skincare routine is a more practical measure. You will notice better results after each treatment. The results also last longer, especially with proper care. Even better, your products’ efficacy improves as the skin’s health is enhanced.

A chemical peel is a valuable addition to your skincare regimen. You might be concerned about your face peeling off following the treatment, but this is not always the case. Peeling is subject to the strength of the treatment and your skin type and condition. If it happens, it doesn’t have to be concerning. It will reveal younger and glowing skin, delivering the looks you desire. Contact Magnolia Dermatology today for more on chemical peels.




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