Shawn Porter: Five Key Fights for Quality Boxer

Shawn Porter is indeed a great example to all for many young names. He is indeed a quality pugilist who knows how to come back after a defeat. Porter is a top amateur boxer who can indeed give any boxer a very hard night. He is a quality pundit. It shows his quality at the highest level. Any boxing fan would love to see him fighting top name. In a way, it shows his class at the highest level. In amateurs, he beat Oleksandr Usyk. Indeed, boxing fans do know how good unbeaten professional boxer Usyk is. Hence, let us take a look at the next fight best fights for Shawn Porter. 

5 Shawn Porter: Danny Garcia

This rematch can be a great one. It can tell that who has still left it at the highest level. Danny Garcia is still a quality boxer. Hence, beating him again can be great for Shawn. He is a smart boxer and can give Shawn another hard day. 

4 Shawn Porter: Kell Brook

Kell Brook was the first fighter to beat Shawn Porter in the professional ranks. Hence, now facing him and beating unstable Kell can be great for Shawn and his amazing CV. For Kell, it can be another chance to make a comeback. 

3 Keith Thurman

Keith Thurman fought against Shawn already. However, it can be a better fight now. Both can still captivate many fans. So, it makes a classical PBC battle for the fans. 

2 Amir Khan

Amir Khan is not the best one that he was. Despite the very fact, he can be a great name on his CV. Just like Kell, Amir Khan does also hold the chance to make a comeback. 

1 Terence Crawford

Terence Crawford is the best boxer in the eyes of many fans. So, having a battle against him will be great for Shawn Porter. He still has the tools to beat any boxer on his day.  

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