Sushil Singh: Why Reading Should Be A Habit?

In this brick-and-mortar world, books have not become the best friends of everyone. 20 to 30 years ago, reading used to be a common habit as there were not many channels of entertainment. However, things now are different. Kids do have more than ample options to watch and hence books do become their least priority.

There are not many persons like Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh who spends hours and hours a day reading books. A movie of two hours can be great to learn a lesson, but not the lesson. It shows that there is a difference between having half-knowledge or decent knowledge.

In the 21st century, online abuse has become a great concern. It mostly happens after a topic hurts the sentiments of the people. Hence, many famous names do suffer and see hate at another level. As people know a reason behind something, not the reason, it creates an atmosphere where people do believe in false statements.

“I started reading books at a very young age. I did it so that when a person asks me some of the basic concepts, I can give the best answer possible,’’ said Sushil Singh on his Instagram profile (a video).
In India, most people do know a lot many things about Mahatma Gandhi. However, there are some unknown facts that are hidden. Only after starting to read books, it be possible for one to get the understanding and then act in a creative manner.

It’s like making the brain understand that there are a lot of many stories that can help us to take several great decisions in our lives.

Taking a look at Sushil Singh’s Instagram account, it feels as he reads books from every general. In October 2021, Sushil even announced on Instagram LIVE that if somebody reads a book, he will gift another book to the person.

As the youth do now many things – but not having a deep understanding does make them feel venerable. As one generation passes the torch to another, it is crucial to learn new things and keep and develop. Otherwise, there can be a huge gap of bookish knowledge, something that can be useful in many situations.

Education is a never-ending process. If one wants to come up with new ideas even at the age of 55, then it is crucial to start reading. Sometimes after just starting to read for a few weeks or months, people do incense their habit of reading.

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