Tips to Care for Your New Veneers

Teeth irregularities are the last thing that you may want to have. Chipped teeth limit your capacity to chew your favorite meal due to increased teeth sensitivity. In addition, with chipped teeth, you will be self-conscious in front of people since your perfect smile will no longer be there. If you have been struggling with those concerns due to tooth irregularities, you should not worry since the veneers Totowa provide an effective solution to restore your dental functionality and smile. Here are the care tips that you should adopt to keep your dental veneers intact after getting them.

Embrace Good Oral Hygiene Practices

You may think you no longer need oral hygiene practices for your teeth, but you are mistaken. It would be best if you continued with the normal oral hygiene measures to keep your veneers in good condition. For instance, you should brush your teeth at least twice daily to eliminate the food particles from the attached veneers. Flossing your treated teeth gently at least once per day is also necessary to remove the food debris in the areas where the toothbrush cannot reach.

Wear the Night Guards

Do you clench your teeth at night? If yes, you could suffer from bruxism, which increases the risk of teeth cracking. After getting your veneers, teeth grinding can also damage those devices in the long run. Fortunately, developing consistency in wearing the night guards can help to prevent excessive stress on the veneers. You can get customized night guards from your dental specialist.

Stop Smoking

Many people think that the veneers cannot get stains, making them continue with their smoking habits. However, the reality is that although the chances are minimal, the veneers can get stains, just like natural teeth. Therefore, you should quit unhealthy habits such as smoking which could cause discoloration in your new veneers.

Avoid Biting Hard Objects

Some people use their teeth to open the beverage bottles, which eventually causes teeth to crack. It may be tempting to continue using your teeth as a tool after getting the veneers, thinking that they cannot break. However, this is a bad idea since the excessive force during those habits can make your veneers crack and get chipped.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Regular dental visits are indispensable for maintaining the veneers’ wellness and overall dental health. It would help if you visited your dentist at least twice every year. However, the dentist may instruct you to make more appointments if you have dental concerns.

Through regular visits, your dentist will perform a professional cleaning on your teeth and ensure that your veneers are attached to the teeth properly.

Living with tooth irregularities is one of the worst experiences. These teeth deformation usually impairs the perfect smile and the victims’ capacity to enjoy their favorite meals. Fortunately, the individuals having those dental concerns due to the chipped teeth can now smile since the dental veneers have a reliable remedy. After the veneer appointment, it is recommended that you embrace healthy habits to continue reaping the benefits for a long time. For example, you should practice oral hygiene measures such as brushing to keep your teeth and veneers healthy. Quitting the smoking habit will also help to ensure that the veneers remain pearly white, thus maintaining the perfect smile.


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