Top Benefits of Using an Egg Donation

Starting a family is the dream of every couple. However, this reality is impossible for some couples out there. Infertility is one major problem that many couples are struggling with today. Over many years, technology has invented techniques such as in-vitro fertilization to help infertile couples have children. Nevertheless, IVF does not help every infertile woman; thus, some require egg donors to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. If you want egg donation, reach out to Newport beach YourEggs to help you solve the problem of having kids. Using an egg donor has many benefits, which include the following;

Prevents Genetic Mutations

An individual or couple may have a hereditary genetic disease that can be passed to the offspring. Egg donation is an effective solution to help such couples to reduce the risk of transmitting the genetic condition to the offspring. Instead of giving birth to a child with a genetic disorder, the best option is to find an egg donor.

Helps With Ovarian Failures

Conditions such as primary ovarian insufficiency and premature ovarian failure cause infertility in women. When you have premature ovarian failure, the ovaries stop producing estrogen and releasing eggs. Women who have these conditions find it hard to conceive since no ovulation is taking place. If you have POF, your hope of having a baby may seem to be lost. While natural conception may be difficult, with the help of an egg donor, women with this condition can become parents. The donor provides a healthy full-grown egg for the IVF procedure. Just because your ovaries are aging, it doesn’t in any way hinder your ability to carry and give birth to your baby.

Allows Genetic Testing and Sex Selection

Egg donation allows the upcoming parents to select the sex of the baby and carry out genetic tests to detect if there is any chromosomal abnormality. Some couples are only interested in the health of their unborn child and don’t care much about sex. However, others have their preferences on what sex their baby will be. One reason for having these preferences is that they may have one child who is a male and now wants a girl in this case. Another reason can be avoiding passing a sex-related medical condition to the offspring.

Helps Women Who Had Unsuccessful IVF

Many women who use egg donation to become parents have had several IVF which failed or resulted in miscarriages. They went through the IVF process’s stressful moments, emotional stress, and the heartbreak of losing a baby. On the other hand, when a woman hits 40 and above, the chances of conceiving with her eggs are very low. For such women, the hope of becoming a mother is nearly impossible. However, egg donation has come to save many women with such problems. Using donor eggs helps them have a smooth and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Infertility negatively impacts women and couples; it may result in depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, divorce, emotional stress, and social stigma. Some infertility cases are a result of aging or failure of ovaries. Using egg donors can be an effective solution for women who find it difficult to become pregnant. Egg donation fulfills your desire to bring a kid into the world. It aims at helping you have a healthy pregnancy and achieve the goal of having a happy family.




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