Top Instances to Consider Surrogacy

A child, for many, completes a family. However, bearing a child is not a straightforward quest for many, which can be frustrating, especially if adoption is out of preference. If you want a child you are genetically related to, Great Beginnings Surrogacy services can help actualize your parenthood desires. Surrogacy allows you to be involved in every stage and raise a child from birth, which completes your family. Surrogacy is an amazing gift for aspiring parents that can help them overcome infertility and other obstacles stopping them from their dreams of having a child. Among the instances you may be better suited by surrogacy includes:

Medical reasons

Pre-existing medical concerns like blood and or heart disorders, obesity, epilepsy, diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and thyroid disease may stand in a woman’s dreams of bearing a child. The conditions increase pregnancy risks, making the mother and child unsafe. You could experience serious pregnancy complications that can be fatal. Preterm or stillbirths and complications during delivery are also likely. Gestational surrogacy helps you avoid such risks and have a child who is genetically related to you, allowing you to complete your family.

Fertility struggles

Fertility struggles like multiple miscarriages cause significant physical, emotional, and financial load on aspiring parents. For instance, you may have tried treatments like IVF, but despite multiple cycles, you still don’t realize your dreams. The emotional and financial toll of such attempts can leave you frustrated, even considering giving up on your parenthood dreams. With surrogacy, you can eliminate such infertility challenges with fewer challenges. Surrogacy offers a better success rate than most fertility treatments, which saves you more time and money, and eliminates the physical load.

Physical limitation

Limitations like having had a hysterectomy mean you can’t bear a child. Hysterectomy is usually the last course of action to treat concerns like womb, ovarian, or cervical cancers. While the treatment helps you lead a healthier life, it ends your child-bearing ability. If you are about to undergo such treatment, you can opt to harvest and freeze your eggs and choose gestational surrogacy to have a child with your genes. Other physical limitations include single or gay men looking to have a child. Since such individuals can’t physically carry a pregnancy, they can turn to a surrogate and actualize their dreams of having a child.

Personal preference

Conception can be scary. The physical and emotional toll can affect you in more ways than you may expect, which is clearly evidenced by the rates of postpartum depression. The physical changes are reasons enough for many women to shy away from carrying a pregnancy. In the past, surrogacy was a go-to for wealthy and notable individuals like celebrities looking to add a child to their families without physical and emotional stress. Today, virtually everyone can enjoy the same benefits as surrogacy continues to be readily available and more affordable.

Same-sex couples, older maternal age, infertility of unknown origin, and other hiccups no longer have to stop you from having a child with your genes, making surrogacy a wonderful gift for aspiring parents. Contact Great Beginnings Surrogacy @ Gen 5 today for more on surrogacy.




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