4 Tips for Your First-Time Edibles Experience

Maybe you’re a cannabis pro branching out into edibles. Or it’s possible you’re attempting to baby step your way into weed use with the yummy stuff first, like gummy bears and chocolate bars. No matter your level, your first experience with edibles is always memorable.

But if you want this memory to be something worth repeating, you should prepare before consuming THC. Otherwise, it can be more of something you’d rather forget and never try again.

Ready to make your first time using edibles a wonderful experience? Follow these four tips, and you’ll enjoy the meal and the results.

1. Start With Pre-Packaged

You could be dreaming about pot brownies or making homemade cannabutter and other THC treats for all your friends. While those are excellent goals, your first foray into edibles the safe way will be buying them from a dispensary.

Making homemade edibles is easy. Getting the right dosage is the hard part. Until you know what you’re doing and how you will react, it’s best to buy them in a package where the serving sizes per dosage are clearly marked. 

There are plenty of kinds of edibles to choose from and various dosages. As you eat, keep in mind that you may not feel the effects of an edible for up to an hour. Stick with the serving size and see how your body responds. If you don’t have any previous experience with THC, start with a 1.5 to 5 mg dosage. However, don’t go much above this, even if you have experience. 

The effects of an edible may not be the same as the results with other methods. Err on the safe side. You can always add more later.

2. Consider Drinking Your Cannabis

Edibles aren’t always food-based. There are THC-based beverages that might be safer for you.

Many times, people take edibles and expect an immediate feeling, only to be disappointed when they don’t notice a difference for hours. But as soon as you eat more, the first dose could take effect, and the results of this double dose could be a nasty trip.

When you start your edible experience with beverages, you can sip your way to the level you want to be at. Measure out 5 mg or less, and see how you feel after drinking it.

3. Consume Edibles in a Safe Place

You should be in a safe place whenever you’re trying something new that could have an adverse response. This includes your first experience with edibles, but even seasoned marijuana users can have a bad trip.

Never use weed unless you’re around people you trust to care for you if you have a negative reaction. Get yourself settled wherever you’re staying that night, and make sure there aren’t children around who might try to enjoy your edibles, too. 

Grab a few water bottles to stay hydrated (dehydration can increase the chance of an adverse reaction), and put on a movie or sit in front of a board game with your friends. 

Whatever you do, don’t drive, operate heavy machinery, or do anything where you could harm yourself or others. 

4. Be Prepared for the “Just in Case”

We always think it will happen to everyone but us, but that bad trip for a first-time edible use could be yours. THC affects everyone differently, and each strain of cannabis is unique, as well.

The key is to be ready for a bad trip just in case it happens. Make a plan with the people around you, so they know how to help you before it’s necessary. Give them some topics that you’d likely be interested in enough to distract you. Come up with a few other methods that you know tend to help calm you down.

Then, if you accidentally get too much THC in your system with one too many gummy bears, try to stay calm and breathe through the panic.

Marijuana isn’t lethal. No one has overdosed from too much weed, and you won’t. The hard part is getting through the anxiety that your body and brain are throwing at you. Drink some extra water to boost your digestive processes, which can also shorten the trip.

It’ll be over before you know it, and you’ll be able to pinpoint where the experience went south, so you don’t repeat that mistake.


Starting your edible habit can be a lovely lifelong journey if you begin it with a good experience. Following these four steps will help you make this happen!


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