5 Ways to Surprise Someone You Love

When you want to show someone how much you care, surprising them might seem like the perfect option. While not everyone enjoys big surprises, there are different ways to do something for someone you love and let them know that you’re thinking about them. 

  1. Book Them a Treatment 

Booking a relaxing treatment like a massage or spa day can show someone you’re thinking about them and care about their well-being too. You may choose to book two tickets so you can enjoy the experience together with the person you love, or gift them a surprise and allow them to relax and unwind in their own time. Not everybody has the time or money to invest in relaxing treatments for themselves, so this can make the perfect surprise gift for someone you love.

  1. Buy Them a Gift 

Buying someone a gift is a classic way to show that you’ve been thinking about someone. When buying a gift, think about what the recipient might like. Buying something that is tailored to the person you love can show them that you have been listening to their interests too. For example, you can buy the popular Escentric Molecules perfume for men who love a good scent, or a new item of clothing from their favourite brand. Wrap the gift in paper and leave it somewhere for them to find or present it to them in person when they least expect it. 

  1. Take Them Out for a Meal

This is a great way to surprise someone while also creating some time for you to spend together. If you know about their favourite restaurant or cuisine, book somewhere special but don’t tell them the destination. If the person enjoys surprises and likes spending time with other people, consider whether to include others if it’s a special occasion. For example, if you’re organising a surprise meal for someone’s birthday, decide whether to invite their close friends and relatives and keep this a surprise too. 

  1. Book a Holiday

There are various ways to surprise someone you love with the gift of a holiday. You can either let them choose from a set of options that you have narrowed down or simply book a surprise getaway and don’t tell them where you’re going. If you want to add an extra surprise, try to find a way to plan the holiday without telling the recipient when they will travel. 

  1. Arrange for Them to See Family and Friends

If someone you love is living far away from their relatives and close friends, one of the best surprises could be to arrange for them to see their loved ones. You can work with their friends and relatives to plan a surprise visit. This can be one of the most memorable and thoughtful surprises for someone who is missing their loved ones or hasn’t seen close friends and family in a long time.

Whether you want to buy a beautiful gift or create a special moment, there are many wonderful ways to surprise someone you love, no matter what your budget and regardless of how much time you have. 




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