6 Simple Ideas for Celebrating Your Birthday in Bristol

After celebrating the milestone of reaching 30, finding a way to celebrate each passing year becomes challenging – unless you’ve hit another milestone. Luckily, you don’t need to make a big song and dance about your birthday every year, and you don’t even have to invite all of your friends and family. If that means enjoying a movie marathon at home with your kids, then so be it. Below, we’ve gathered together six simple ideas for celebrating your next birthday. 

Make Dinner Reservations

Go for the classic and make a dinner reservation at your favourite restaurant – or treat yourself to something new. By handling the reservation yourself, you’re in control of how many people attend and what vibe the night will bring. If it’s only you and your partner, there’s nothing wrong with that. After you’ve finished your meal, you can get back home and put on your comfy clothes. 

Have a Movie Marathon

Streaming services make it easy to binge-watch series and movies, so why not make the most out of it and hold a movie marathon? While you’re invested in watching the full set of movies, you can invite guests to jump in and out at any time. Then, when it comes to needing food, treat yourself to some of the best Indian cuisines from urban-tandoor.com.

Have a Spa Day

If the stress of life is catching up with you, use your birthday as the perfect excuse for a spa day. You can head out on your own or gather the girls to get a full day of treatments and relaxation. If you want to make a weekend of it, why not venture out into South Wales and visit one of these incredible spas

Get to the Beach

With its prime maritime location, Bristol has plenty to offer when it comes to beaches, so go and soak up the views at one of the nearby seaside destinations. Even if your birthday is out of season, you will find plenty to keep you entertained. 

See a Show

Bristol is home to several different theatres including the Hippodrome, the Tobacco Factory, and the Old Vic, which is the oldest-working theatre in the English-speaking world. If you’ve seen a show on the boards but haven’t had the time to go, your birthday is the perfect opportunity. Time permitting, you can make an evening of it and enjoy a meal beforehand. 

Buy Yourself a Gift

Birthdays are typically a time to receive gifts from other people, but we all know this dwindles with age. Therefore, use your birthday as an excuse to let go of your inhibitions and treat yourself. Perhaps you want a next-gen console? Maybe you’ve seen new clothes? The possibilities are endless and it will help get your day off to a great start. 

Birthday celebrations don’t always have to involve large gatherings and expensive parties. Instead, just pick an activity you enjoy that life usually holds you back from. Remember, this is your birthday, so plan it yourself to ensure you’ll have a great day. 






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