6 Signs You Are The Right Candidate For Sedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist should be a positive experience. Besides, your dentist’s objective is to help you enjoy excellent oral health and its associated advantages. However, if you find yourself experiencing some anxiety when you have an upcoming dental visit, you are far from alone. Millions of individuals struggle with some level of dental anxiety. If you are one of these people, consider trying coral gables sedation dentistry. Your dentist will assess your concerns and advise whether you are eligible for the procedure. Meanwhile, here is an overview of people who should consider sedation dentistry.

1. You Suffer From Dental Anxiety

Numerous individuals only visit the dentist if their oral health forces them into the dentist’s chair. This sort of avoidance boils down to fear and anxiety that develops once an individual visits the dentist. Anybody who breaks into a sweat at the sight, sounds, and smell of the dentist’s office should consider sedation.

Sedatives render the individual unbothered with their surroundings as well as the dentist’s actions. The drugs function with the anesthetic to keep the patient pain-free and calm throughout their treatment.

2. You Want to Undergo a Lengthy or Complicated Procedure

Some dental treatments are intensive enough to be categorized as dental surgery. These procedures require more accuracy and time on the provider’s part. Common procedures your dentist may suggest sedation dentistry for include bone graft surgery, corrective jaw surgery, root canal therapy, multiple tooth extractions, gum flap surgery, and more.

Besides, patients should remain calm and patient as the dentist works, and sedation makes this possible.

3. You Have a High Gag Reflex

Patients who have a sensitive gag reflex may also benefit from sedation dentistry. Having dental equipment inside the mouth might trigger the reflex, which may slow down or entirely disrupt your dental procedure.

With the correct sedation, the patient’s gag reflex is hugely subdued. Thus, patients can receive their dental treatment without any discomfort or difficulty.

4. You Have Problems Sitting Still

Individuals who have special needs or those who have trouble sitting for long periods are also eligible. Patients under sedation dentistry will generally fall asleep and not remember much of the procedure. As such, sedation dentistry can speed up the general process and reduce the time patients dedicate to dental appointments.

5. You Have Sensitive Gums and Teeth

Some individuals have a lower pain threshold or have particularly sensitive gums or teeth, which could make dental treatments quite uncomfortable. Even the slightest touch of your teeth or gums can cause discomfort. Through sedation dentistry, patients will not feel discomfort or pain in the dentist’s chair.

6. You Have Feelings of Claustrophobia

Sitting in the dentist’s chair for long periods of time can also induce claustrophobia in some patients. Sedation dentistry helps patients overcome this fear by making them completely relaxed and calm.

Many individuals uneasy about dental appointments simply avoid scheduling the visits altogether. Nonetheless, this delayed dental care could harm their oral health. If you experience fear or anxiety about your dental appointments, consider talking to your doctor about sedation dentistry. Your doctor will examine your concerns to determine your eligibility for sedation dentistry. However, in some instances, IV sedation is not enough to meet the patient’s needs. If you have serious dental phobia, general anesthesia can help you comfortably get through your procedure.




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