Top 6 Home Remedies For Dry Eye

If your eyes burn and sting, look red, or feel gritty, you might have dry eyes. This condition occurs once the tiny gland in and around the eyelids fails to make adequate tears to maintain your eyes healthy and vision clear. There are numerous potential causes of dry eyes Edgewater, from health conditions and allergies to prolonged computer use.

 Knowing the cause could be helpful, especially if it is a treatable or removable environmental factor. However, if you are not a specialist, you should concentrate on how to manage the symptoms. Here are some key DIY tips.

1. Eye Drops

If you are not producing adequate tears, you may try artificial tears. Over-the-counter lubricating eye drops may support your tear film to safeguard the eye surface.

Numerous eye drops have preservatives that stop harmful bacteria from entering after unsealing the product. Sadly, while rare, some eyes might react to these preservatives, causing swelling and dry eyes. If your eye drops worsen your symptoms, consult your specialist for a more suitable prescription.  

2. Reduce Screen Time

One common symptom of digital eye strain is dry eyes. Staring at the PC reduces the number of times you blink every minute, making you susceptible to dryness, sometimes headaches, and irritability. Taking constant screen breaks gives your eyes enough time to relax, which can help alleviate your symptoms.

3. Warm Compress

Utilizing a warm compress could help manage symptoms of numerous eye conditions. For instance, heat may soothe inflammation or irritation caused by eye dryness. Besides, a warm compress can stimulate the meibomian gland to generate more tears. Moreover, using a warm compress is an opportunity to shut your eyes, and let them rest.

4. Massage

There are numerous advantages of a gentle eye massage. A little attention and pampering may help reduce tension, enhance blood circulation, and relax muscles. Although the massage does not mean you directly touch the eye, touching the surrounding areas can affect eye sensation and possibly encourage tear production.

Whatever means you choose to massage your eye region, it must never be uncomfortable. If you do not have experience in massage or acupuncture, it is important to consult a specialist first.

5. Clean Your Eyes

Keeping your eyelashes, eyelids, and ocular region clean is vital in protecting your eye health. These measures can help avoid the accumulation of bacteria, which may lead to eye conditions or diseases like blepharitis. Besides, cleaning the eyes keeps the oil glands unclogged, which supports the production of enough tears.

6. Eyewear

Utilizing eyewear, from sports goggles to sunglasses, is great practice for eye safety. It could also keep particles or irritants like dust, chemicals, and wind from aggravating your dry eyes.

If you have light sensitivity, you may also experience dry eyes. Sunglasses safeguard your eyes from UV damage, as well as reduce brightness.

Dry eye disease develops once you lack tear quantity or quality. Dealing with the discomfort caused by dry eyes could be a constant battle, and the condition can affect your vision. However, knowing some of these home remedies can help you effectively manage any symptom flare-ups. 

Nonetheless, if your symptoms keep intensifying despite trying these measures, it is advisable to see an eye doctor. Your specialist will perform an extensive diagnosis of your concern. If your dry eye stems from an underlying eye condition, your eye doctor will suggest the best care plan.




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