CBD Products 101: Here are Tips to Use CBD the Right Way!

The multi-billion dollar CBD industry is thriving in the U.S and globally. Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill allowed Americans to use hemp-based cannabis, people have turned to CBD goods for a wide range of reasons and benefits.

A survey reported that 51 percent of Americans use CBD for anxiety.Another study claims that 62 percent of American people who are using CBD are doing it for medical reasons. Many studies show America’s inclination towardthis cannabis product.

But some still can’t comprehend how a marijuana plant-based substance can be so beneficial.So to bust all the myths surrounding CBD products and offer you some tips to maximize the benefits, here’s a CBD 101 guide for you.

Learn how you too can benefit from CBD products while keeping the adverse effects at bay. But first, let’s look at the tips to find the right CBD product in the U.S.

How to Find the Right CBD Product?

Buying CBD products for the first time? Here’s your quick guide to buying CBD products of premium quality.


Always opt for organic CBD products that are made from premium hemp flower. There are many sellers that sell synthetic concoctionsthat contain less CBD and more other harmful ingredients. So whether you’re buying an isolate CBD product or a full spectrum, choose organic.

American Grown

CBD is legal across the U.S. However, it’s American-grown CBD that’s allowed to be sold and consumed in the country. So whenever you’re buying a CBD product, make sure it’s procured from American hemp.

Sourced from Hemp

Yes, CBD products made out of hemp plant are legal and contain less than 0.3 percent THC. If you’re buying CBD products derived from marijuana, you might get into legal trouble in some states.


Full-spectrum THC and CBD oils are better in terms of potency, bioavailability, and benefits. If you’re not worried about trace amount of THC, opt for full-spectrum products.

Has Legal THC Content

Various states have legalized CBD products that have less than 0.3 percent of THC. Make sure that the product you’re buying doesn’t have anything more than that.

Comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

But how can you warrant that the product you’re buying is organic, American-hemp based, and contains no more than 0.3 percent THC? A reliable seller will offer you COA detailing these bits.

Reputable Seller

When you are buying CBD online, always choose reputable sellers that have positive customer reviews and verified ingredients. Don’t buy cheap CBD products from shady sellers.

Dose it Right

Whether you are using CBD oil or CBD edibles, dosing it right is essential to get the results. While you are unlikely to overdose on CBD, the right dose is important to avail its benefits. Ideally, start with a small dose and gradually increase your intake.

Right for Your Needs

Lastly, not all CBD products are created equal or are multi-purpose. You must know a CBD product’sbioavailability, onset time, and special purpose before using one for the first time.

Which CBD Product is Right for Your Needs?

Need help determining which CBD product will work best for you? Here’s a guide.

In general CBD products have a wide range of health benefits, but these products work best for individual needs.

CBD Edibles for Anxiety

You may have heard about CBD gummies for anxiety. So if you are looking to alleviate symptoms of any anxiety disorder, opt for CBD edibles such as gummies, pills, or capsules.

CBD Oil for Inflammation

CBD is widely popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. People who have arthritis, inflamed muscles, joints, or need help to soothe rashes, should opt for CBD oils. CBD oils can be used in a number of ways.

CBD Topical for Skincare and Pain Management

CBD topical benefitsinclude skin health as well as pain management. So if you’re looking to reduce acne or symptoms of eczema, consider applying CBD products topically. Moreover, if you have muscular pain or fatigue, CBD topical sprays work well too.

CBD Tinctures for Higher Bioavailability

CBD tinctures have a wide range of benefits including anxiety relief and pain management. However, people opt for CBD tinctures due to their higher bioavailability and absorption rate.

CBD Vape for Fastest Delivery

If you want a quick fix, opt for CBD vapes for immediate effect. CBD vapesare smoked like e-cigarettes and have a quick onset time.

CBD Flowers for Recreational Purposes

But not everyone has to use CBD for health reasons only. Some people also use CBD oilfor its therapeutic and calming effects. If you are looking to smoke CBD for recreation, then CBD flowers might become your top choice.

Some Important Considerations

Despite the many benefits of CBD products, it’s good to be cautious while using CBD for the first time. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t Use CBD If…

You should not use CBD if:

  1. You’re pregnant or nursing
  2. You are using certain medications that may counteract CBD products
  3. You haven’t consulted your doctor for diagnosis and medication of a condition
  4. You have drug tests coming up. CBD is unlikely to show up on a drug test, but full-spectrum products containing THC can give a false positive.
  5. You can’t verify the product ingredients or source. Don’t buy without knowing what’s inside.
  6. You are facing any of the side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, or palpitations

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Author Bio

The author is a writer and CBD lover. The author has been a part of various groups in Florida that campaign for the medical use of marijuana and CBD products. The author also plans to open a CBD café in near future.




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