Eight ways to support your wife after childbirth

If you have a baby on the way or are planning to get pregnant, you’ll easily be in one of the most exciting periods of your life. Marriage can be your first step into adult life, but starting a family makes things much more real. Childbirth brings with itself tons of responsibility, and your life is then geared towards making sure your child gets the best of everything. However, before planning your child’s future, it’s important to make the most of the time ahead of you.

Although exciting, childbirth can also be a daunting and dangerous process for the mother. Pregnancy is always difficult, and the mother must be well-cared for to ensure that the baby is perfectly healthy too. If you’re slowly moving toward the due date and want to ensure everything is perfect for your wife, we’ve got some tips for you. Things can be pretty hard on the mother after childbirth, so all partners must step up and do their bit. If you’re interested in learning how you can be helpful, keep reading below.

Have all the resources ready

When planning for childbirth, it’s normal to experience some trepidation. Much of this nervousness and anxiety can come from the fact that you might not know what to expect. Even with advancements in medical science, birth can still be a dangerous process for the mother and child. If you don’t have all the resources ready, you might feel even more on edge about what to do should anything go wrong.

One of the biggest issues to watch out for is birth injuries. There are several reasons birth injuries can occur, and while sometimes the issue is unpreventable, at other times, timely intervention could save your child. However, medical errors or negligence can occur, and these can cause birth injuries that impact your child and wife’s life in the long run. Understanding whether a birth injury is preventable or not is a task for professionals. If you feel there was some negligence, it can be useful to get in touch with the right resources to help you with birth injury lawsuit settlements which can be extremely useful in caring for your child and wife in the aftermath.

Pay attention to her emotional needs

When we picture motherhood, most of us imagine women in a giddy, lovestruck phase right after giving birth. Of course, becoming a mother is an incredibly joyful period of life, but it’s important to acknowledge that the initial few stages can be extremely disorienting. Apart from the physical trauma of birth, adjusting to being the primary caretaker can be very difficult. It’s common for new mothers to start feeling overwhelmed by all they have to do and change in their lives.

What makes things worse is the societal expectation that the new mother shouldn’t experience anything other than pure joy. This can lead to a lot of guilt on your wife’s part if she’s having a hard time adjusting. So, paying attention to her emotional needs is vital. Many women can suffer from post-partum depression owing to hormonal imbalances and social expectations and can go through a pretty tough time. Being there emotionally by giving a non-judgmental space to communicate feelings can help you identify if anything is amiss.

Divide labor

Caring for an infant is a full-time job, and at times it can truly take a village to raise a child. Leaving all the important chores to your wife after birth can severely overburden her and even harm your newborn child. New dads need to take up the responsibility of child-rearing to create a healthy environment for their family. Dividing duties can be an easy way to ensure that neither of you gets too tired.

Division of labor can occur based on your respective schedules and whether or not you have other family members who can help. If you’re working during the day, be sure to take on most of the workload when you’re home or over the weekends. Additionally, if you have other children, you need to step in and take care of them while your wife handles the more demanding infant.

Give her time off

Although dividing labor can be important, in most cases, it is still the woman who ends up handling the bulk of caring for a newborn. Although the process is natural and can be an extremely memorable period for the woman, it can be exhausting too. It’s normal for women to start questioning their capabilities in other areas of life and feel suffocated by all the responsibility.

To ensure that your wife can get some room to breathe, it’s important to fully take charge of the reins every once in a while. This means letting her have some time off where she is entirely free to experience life without worrying about the baby. Whether this means sending her off on a mini-break, a spa day out, spending time with friends and family, or anything else is entirely up to you. Although you may not imagine it, heading on a mini-honeymoon after your baby is born can be an excellent idea and can help you two experience life outside just being parents.

Pay attention to her health

It’s no secret that childbirth can be incredibly difficult for the woman, physically and emotionally. For the nine months of pregnancy, her body’s main purpose is nurturing the fetus, which can often come at a high cost. Many women experience hypertension, obesity, anemia, diabetes, and consistent sickness during pregnancy.

Additionally, childbirth itself can be a very traumatizing process. Recovery can take several months, and your wife may experience further complications such as cardiomyopathy, sepsis, bleeding, fevers, and infections. It’s important to look out for her health and try to help her recover without overburdening her with responsibilities. Additionally, it’s important to keep checking in with your doctor and get help immediately if you feel like something is out of the ordinary. Although she may generally experience sickness, symptoms such as a racing heartbeat, chest pain, persistent nausea, and excessive bleeding require instant attention.

Talk about parenting strategies

By now, it’ll be evident that most of the care you need to provide to your wife after childbirth comes in the form of active involvement. Post-partum life can be a rollercoaster, and your wife needs to know she’s got a partner who is just as involved in the process as she is. Another incredibly helpful way to show your wife how involved you are is to discuss parenting strategies and get on the same page.

Many couples mistakenly believe that real parenting only comes into play after your baby starts actively interacting with the world. However, once your child arrives, you’ll know that parenting strategies come into play from the very onset. Things such as how much screen time you want your child to have, sleeping schedules, eating habits, and socialization are important factors to discuss early on when your child is still in the cradle. Being on the same page from the start can reduce a lot of anxiety for the mother, making it easier for her to ease into the transition.

Show your appreciation

Parenting can always be a vastly different experience for the husband and the wife, regardless of how involved you try to be. From the moment of conception, your wife spends almost every moment with her child. This is a level of involvement that is virtually impossible for you to reach, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do your part.

Showing your appreciation can seem like a small thing, but it can be one of the most powerful motivators when your wife is going through this period. Talking to her about how well she’s doing and encouraging her can show you recognize and appreciate her sacrifices. Moreover, surprising her with gifts, date nights, and other things can help you make this memorable period all the more beautiful for her and show her that you’re a unit.

Encourage her to focus on herself

It can be easy for new mothers to fully immerse themselves in motherhood, whether they like it or not. While some women want to have that immersive experience, others can simply find it hard to make time for themselves. In the early days especially, your wife can find it hard to sleep or brush her teeth, let alone do something for her mental and physical health.

It’s up to you to remind her to find that balance and encourage her to start readjusting back into everyday life. While she might not feel ready to go back to full-time work straight away, helping her find part-time employment or another role can be extremely helpful. Moreover, it’s also important for her to readjust to a healthy lifestyle that isn’t all about parenting. This can include settling back into having a healthy diet, caring for her body, and getting out. Hiring a babysitter or asking other family members to help out occasionally can be extremely helpful in letting your wife find the balance between motherhood and self-care.


Readjusting after birth can be a long process for both partners. At times, you might find yourself lost on how you can help your wife out and make the process easier for her. These tips can help you figure out where to start and can help you make parenting as easy for her as possible. When caring for your wife after childbirth, it’s important to remember that your baby’s health is directly tied to how well she’s doing, both mentally and physically. Under any circumstances, it’s extremely important to do your best to be as actively involved in the process as possible.




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