Why Consider Minimally Invasive Back Surgery

Back pain is an injury or inflammation of your back. It is usually caused by overexertion, muscle strain, or irritation from poor posture or excessive use. Your body goes through several changes when experiencing chronic pain or acute injuries. This can include physical and mental changes and changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns. You may also experience depression or anxiety. The good news is that back pain can be treated through back spine surgery Savannah.

Here are the benefits of back spine surgery;

Reduced blood loss: Back surgery is a very risky procedure, but it can be done when the risks are minimal. The risk of blood loss and fluid build-up in your body after spinal fusion is significantly lower than after other surgical procedures, such as hip replacement or knee replacement. This is because there is no open incision or cut on your back to cause bleeding or infection after spinal fusion.

Better movement: Back surgery can improve mobility and reduce pain by strengthening the areas around your spine where you have been injured. This means you can do more activities without pain and resume your favorite activities like golfing, bowling, or biking after your surgery has healed.

Fewer complications: Minimally invasive surgery means less tissue is removed during an operation, reducing the risk of postoperative complications like nerve damage and blood clots. In addition, most minimally invasive procedures require only one incision, compared with two or three incisions for open surgery.

Minimal scarring: Back surgery can sometimes be performed without scars. This is possible because the muscles and nerves that run from your neck to your lower back are located in a different area from the muscles and nerves that make up your spine.

Minimal pain: Surgery for lower back pain can ease symptoms so you can return to normal activities more quickly than if you had continued to suffer from pain or, worse, had surgery on an unstable or damaged spine.

Better quality of life: Back surgery can relieve many types of pain caused by degenerative disc disease, bulging disks, or arthritis. It also may allow you to resume activities you once enjoyed but find difficult because of chronic pain after an injury or illness.

Faster healing: Back surgery is designed to remove the source of your chronic pain and suffering. When performed correctly, it can accelerate your healing time so you can resume your normal activities sooner than if you had waited years for other treatments to work.

Eliminates the need for further procedures: Back surgery can help prevent further problems by reducing the need for additional procedures on your spine. A person who has had back surgery will have less pain and more strength in their back. Normally, the nerves in your back become more active after the procedure and start healing themselves.

Back surgery is a treatment option for patients with spinal stenosis (narrowing) in the lower back. The goal of any back surgery is to relieve the symptoms and prevent the progression of the disease, but it can also help restore a patient’s quality of life. Back surgery is an important decision, and you must understand what options are available and how they compare. Spine Center Atlanta experts can work with you to determine the best approach for your situation.




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