How are SaiVa SysTem’s ladies making positive changes in the IT world?

SaiVa SysTem has over 500 employees working and out of that, around 370 are female representatives. Under the SaiVa umbrella, there are several software developers and Information Technology recruiters are working. In a way, the very factor shows how greatly women are leading the charge if given a fair opportunity. It is not about men or women. At the end of the day, skills should pay the bills. Sharing a picture with women on women’s day does not serve the purpose – but respecting genders and making it neutral in every sense does. 

SaiVa SysTem started in the summer of 2019. In Just more than two years, it has become one of the leading IT firms providing solutions of IT to its clients around the world. They have also created a very good setup from the angle of sending recruiting several IT talents for in-house and other MNCs. 

As the brand is growing in a creative manner, a major credit behind this goes to women as most of them are leading the brand. Even the founder of SaiVa SysTem is Sarita Rawat Singh is a woman who is leading Deebaco where women are leading the charge. In just three years, the brand has become just fantastic. Hence, they have created several landmarks of success. 

“Being a software developer, I feel great to work at SaiVa. As we work with multiple clients around the world. It allows us an opportunity to work hard and make an impact and at the same time develop skills, said Sakshi Bhatnagar. 

“I play my role as an HR IT recruiter. When I lead 20 ladies in my team, it does give a great feeling. In a way, I feel proud to work at SaiVa as here skills do pay the bills in real terms,” said Anjali Sharma. 

Women getting empowered means that the world is following a way they should do years ago. It shows how great things can be.

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