Know Everything about IBPS Clerk Prelims Mock Test

IBPS clerk test is the initial phase of examination for candidates who are looking to shape their career into various banking jobs. There are almost 12000 vacancies in this post, and thus, the IBPS clerk examination helps in opening up the door to a multitude of opportunities for each applicant. 

Exam Schedules

The schedules of the examination are scheduled into three different stages and these are the preliminaries, the mains and finally, the interview round. To determine the pattern and practices required in this type of online examination, the IBPS clerk mock test 2022 is an important consideration for every applicant. The mock test provides ample support to the candidates and helps them to get on the right path. These kinds of mock tests also help in boosting the student’s confidence. In actuality, mock tests are designed to minimize nervousness and ensure overall good performance in the examination. 

In the year 2020, the conducting body held the IBPS clerk examination on 2nd December, 13th December and 19th December. The main interview round was scheduled for the 24th of January, 2021. The admit cards are usually released before 10 to 15 days of the scheduled exam dates. The minimum age for appearing in this exam is 20 years. 

The salient features of the IBPS clerk mock test 

If you are preparing for the upcoming exams, it’s crucial to be aware of the features of the mock tests. These are:

  1. 21 IBPS clerk prelims mock tests are available in which a couple of them are free
  2. All total, there are 10 full-length online mock tests for the main examinations which one is free.
  3. There are 15 sectional mock test series available.
  4. Candidates can access the mock test through their mobile apps or websites. 
  5. The online tests are prepared in a bilingual way so that candidates can do the tests either in Hindi or English languages.
  6. The mock tests are prepared based on the updated IBPS clerk examination syllabuses and patterns.
  7. The mock tests also contain new pattern questionnaires. 

IBPS Clerk test syllabuses

If you take a close look at the syllabuses designed for the IBPS clerk examination, you can figure out that the exam structure is pretty conventional. The best part to enjoy from the perspective of candidates is that you are able to experience RRB clerk prelims and SBI clerk prelims every year. Some of the candidates have already appeared for IDBI exams. This kind of exposure is crucial and comes as an added advantage for the candidates.

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IBPS clerk examination preparation methods

If you want to see yourself among the top rankers, make sure to be well prepared to score more. With the help of the IBPS Clerk Mock Test 2022, you will be able to solve the previous year’s test papers and can be a partial determination of the exam type. Convenience is the ultimate objective of these mock tests. Many candidates who had already taken the mock tests report greater exposure to professional guidance. This means you can certainly make yourself count among the toppers, so don’t hesitate and download the latest syllabuses and solve the questions accordingly. 




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