Online learning management system for the University of Georgia. Here is details!

eLearning Commons is the online learning running system for the University of Georgia. Using a movable device? Try eLC on the Brightspace Throb mobile app for Apple or Android! Visit this tutorial on Circumnavigating Brightspace Pulse for supplementary information.

elc uga Guide or UGA ELC is an online web-based provision providing LMS for the University of Georgia. ELC is a perfect podium for students where they can store and track info related to coursework. Any Student through a valid UGA myID Login besides a password can access this Guide and engage in their specific courses by a computer or mobile device to which they are now registered. LLC offers a FERPA-protected platform for UGA (Athena) sequences to house classroom content and activities in a shared digital education space. 

The Students of the University of Georgia can easily log in to this portal using their allotted UGA myID Login and Password. In addition, they can quickly attend online classes, watch the logged course sessions, explore course solid, register for classes, and check their scores card in addition to grades. The Guide Portal aids the student a lot, but students face countless problems accessing the eLearning Commons Portal. Students raise several complaints and meet a lot of issues through UGA ELC Login

Guide Necessities

  •  For Guide Login, the Students must have a mobile phone through an accessible internet connection.
  • If Students want to do UGA ELC Login through the app, they must transfer to the Brightspace Pulse Mobile app.
  • Moreover, they can do Login over the web.
  • Guide must have their valid MyID Login and password. 

Login process

  • First, you necessity to call the official website of the Portal.
  •  Now you have property-owning on the homepage of the site.
  •  On the homepage, you must discover the UGA MyID Login and click this choice.
  • Now you are on the UGA SSO page earnings the UGA Single Sign-On Service Page.
  •  Here, you necessity to enter your Username and then password.
  • After entering the details, you need to click the Login key.
  • Now, you are efficaciously logging in to the UGA ELC Portal.

How to admittance the ELC Portal?

  •  First, visit the Center for Teaching Besides Learning’s Official CTL UAG website at
  • Now you are touched on the homepage of the website.
  • Here, you necessity to navigate to UGA Links.
  • Find eLearning Squares under Helpful Links and click it.
  • Now, you necessity to sign on at
  •  Now enter your Username beside the password.
  • Afterwards, Click the Login button. 


The Guide is also identified as Brightspace and D2L (the business late eLC) (what D2L calls their product). If you are a student of the University of Georgia or are attentive to know more about it or UGA ELC, then you need to read this article till the end. In this article, we are trying to provide all the germane & essential information linked to the UGA ELC Portal, such as it Guide Login.

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