Laura Jesionowska: Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, Carer

Laura Jesionowska Introduction

Football is a sport that is loved by people all over the world, by men, women, children and anyone in between. People are passionate about their favourite sports team, and even though our country India does not play football in an international level like it plays cricket, our country too has millions of football fans and indigenous l football games.

Laura Jesionowska A Creative Look

Sam Surridge is an English football player, popular for playing as the forward for Premier League Club Nottingham Forest. He is 24 years old, and has been playing football professionally for quite some time.Before he joined Nottingham Forest Surridge, Sam played for Bournemouth for a period of six years. In 2022, he ended up joining Nottingham Forest for a transfer fee, which reportedly was as high as £2.2 million. Sam is in a relationship with a woman named Laura Jesionowska, and in this article, you will know everything about her.

Laura Jesionowska is the beautiful girlfriend of Sam Surridge. Sam and Laura Jesionowska began dating each other back in 2020, and since then they have been in a steady, long term relationship, always showing love for each other. They went public with their relationship in August of 2020, when Sam posted a picture of them on Instagram and captioned it as “weekend getaway”.

Laura Jesionowska Physical Appearance

Laura is popular for being Sam’s girlfriend but not a lot is known about her personal life. However, it can be denoted that she works as an influencer. Laura Jesionowska was born on 14th October 1999, and Laura Jesionowska is now 23 years old. Based on her birth date, her zodiac sign is probably Libra, and Libras are people who are considered to be very intelligent and considerate. Along with that, people who are born as Libra are also known for being very diplomatic with good listening skills.

Life At Very Best

Laura is very secretive about her personal life, and nothing much is known about her regarding that aspect. There is no information about her family, and it is not known if she has siblings or not. She was born in England, making her nationality English. Her education happened there too, though it is unknown if she enrolled for college classes after graduating high school. Laura has 7.8 thousand followers on her Instagram account, and there she posts pictures of herself and sometimes with her boyfriend. Laura Jesionowska’s height is 5 ft 7 inches, and Laura Jesionowska weight is around 55 kilograms. Her hair and eyes are both brown in colour. She doesn’t have any tattoos.

Laura Jesionowska Net Worth

Laura Jesionowska net worth is something that is still not known to us, Sam Surridge’s net worth is claimed to be around $2.5 million.

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