The Power of HPC WITH Next Generation Supermicro Systems

Supermicro is the latest to offer an HPC solution for businesses looking for a “Green IT” strategy. The company is combining its notable server expertise with new and innovative use of the larger single socket processors from Intel to provide flexible options for HPC in the data center that are efficient, reliable, and secure. Supermicro will offer these systems in different words of computing power to suit your needs. The systems are designed to provide security, flexibility, scalability, and efficiency so that customers can efficiently and securely use their HPC workloads. HPC solutions utilizing HPC Workload Optimized Platforms are optimized for HPC usage models, allowing flexibility to provide a wide range of use-cases from virtualized High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, and supercomputing applications to dynamic web serving and other high-performance computing applications.

Like other systems featuring these processors, Supermicro’s new HPC systems will be yet another significant step forward in computing power and cost-effectiveness. The combination of the world’s most popular microarchitecture and a recent-generation processor will provide visually stunning performance and be much more cost effective than traditional high-end x86-based solutions. It is with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to work with both Intel and Supermicro on this announcement. Supermicro takes instructions from their customers’ needs and provides a solution that caters to those. All of their HPC systems are proven, reliable and scalable. Their platforms are built around Intel’s processors and components, providing maximum support for IT managers, engineers, and scientists.

Supermicro’s HPC solution offers an array of options for both virtualized and non-virtualized environments that feature the new quad, hex, and octa-core Xeon processors for demanding high-performance computing applications. Supermicro has a proven HPC design built for numerous scientific research projects, such as creating movies and virtual reality games. Supermicro’s HPC solutions are also beneficial for high-performance computing hardware projects. They provide a highly integrated solution that allows customers to use one system to build and scale out a cluster quickly. Packed with the latest breakthrough AI capabilities, the Supermicro HPC systems are ideally suited for your needs. The superior effectiveness of liquid cooling systems, advanced cooling technologies, and optimized thermal dissipation provide a cost-effective and green solution. The Supermicro HPC platform design features many enterprise motherboard designs supporting Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, with an Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) interface that can achieve speeds up to 9.6 GT/s per channel. 

Supermicro can tailor HPC solutions to the specific needs of the client. Because they can assemble systems of varying sizes, they can create designed-to-order solutions that meet the volume requirements of a large production environment or even a smaller single-server deployment. As technology evolves, Supermicro will be able to provide new advanced server designs that will continue to improve performance for HPC systems and provide unique design features that are more efficient and productive than traditional servers. Supermicro’s innovative HPC platform designs will be available in different configurations to suit the needs of a broad spectrum of customer requirements. Customers can choose from a wide range of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, multiple GPU, and FPGA configurations, and up to 4 TB of DDR4 ECC Registered or non-ECC Unbuffered memory. A Redundant Supermicro power supply can provide 99%+ efficiency, with options ranging from 900 watts to 2200 watts per system.

Supermicro HPC solutions come with various open-source platforms and commercial applications that have had proven successes in the HPC industry. Supermicro’s HPC systems are built around Intel’s latest processors and components, providing maximum support for IT managers, engineers, scientists, and business managers. Supermicro designs and manufactures its HPC systems with a wide range of CPU and GPU/FPGA options so they can be scaled up or down to meet your specific requirements. Supermicros HPC solutions utilize Supermicro’s technology, and their advanced architecture secures your data.




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