Does Drone 50 Million USD Make Creative Impact?

DroneDeploy is a company that offers other businesses and companies access to commercial drone operators that can be used for capturing professional-quality images of an environment and also carry out data analysis. Recently, this company has managed to raise $50 million in a series E round of funding. This raise came into prominence just a few months following the company, which is based in San Francisco, moved beyond airborne drones to capture visual data at ground level. Drone 50m Series 142msawersventurebeat.

This device has a 360° walkthrough as part of its product suite, but now it also offers companies that are in construction, agriculture, mining and other sectors a more rounded view of their properties by transforming the combining the collected data from every angle. Let us consider an example. With the help of this device, site managers of different places associated with mining and other industrial work can compare contrasting footages of different dates and check for places and points that need improvement. They can also trace the sources from which the problems are arising. Drone Series 142msawersventurebeat.

Construction giant Brasfield and Gorrie has been using DroneDeploy since 2015 in order to capture aerial imagery. The CEO of Brasfield and Gorrie, Jim Gorrie was quoted saying,

“With drone data, we’ve created a much more efficient process. We can literally take weeks out of the schedule, our projects are much higher quality than before, and they’re safer” Dronedeploy 50m 142msawersventurebeat.

Apart from this, DroneDeploy has also helped Boston Dynamics, the robotics company, to develop the workflow that is required for capturing 360 degree video documentation from the ground. By the attachment of a 360 degree camera to the quadruped Spot robot, the companies were able to demonstrate how data can be captured from the inside of buildings entirely remotely and autonomously.

It is to be noted that all these features of DroneDeploy were showcased to bring forward their new offering that will work with most 360 degree cameras manually and automatically. It can also be used with a camera that has been mounted on a tripod, a stick, a car, helmet and many other different surfaces. Drone Dronedeploy 142msawersventurebeat.

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The platform of DroneDeploy has been underpinned by a host of integrations consisting of third-party enterprise apps, spanning Procore, Autodesk, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Bluebeam Egnyte, and dozens more. Moreover, with the utilisation of API, any developer can directly integrate with the DroneDeploy platform. Drone Dronedeploy 142msawersventurebeat.

Previously, DroneDeploy had been able to raise around $93 million. With the help of a round of funding that was led by Energize Ventures and AirTree, DroneDeploy was able to receive a huge of $50 million. This makes the company appropriately well-financed to continue its expansion that supposedly goes “beyond drones” and doubles down on its plans for Europe.
The drone can make things look creative and the same time one can monitor and manage them from any given position. Hence, it does tell a lot about the impact they do want to make and how it would create things better. Drone 50m 142msawersventurebeat.


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