Untreated Concussion Common Complications

Regardless of how minor they seem, head injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly. You could underestimate a head injury, especially since the symptoms are not readily felt or visible. This can come back to haunt you since most are silent killers, mainly because you might start to feel much better after the initial pain fades. San Diego concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI)  that is mainly characterized by headaches, pain and/or pressure in your head, nausea/vomiting, memory issues, blurred vision, dizziness, and a sluggish feeling, to name a few.

You might have a perfect explanation for some of the symptoms, such as a headache after a long day, but it is essential that you visit a doctor and have the issue thoroughly diagnosed. This is because a concussion, which could be the main culprit if left untreated, could lead to serious complications affecting your quality of life. Among the common untreated concussion complications include:

Personality change

A concussion can damage the limbic system and cerebral cortex connection. This damage can impact your behavioral and emotional processes. The psychological changes mean that a person who usually is calm can become easily irritable and almost always angry. This can put a strain on relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers and make overall social activities hardly manageable. An untreated concussion can escalate to self-isolation and impact your social life and significantly reduce your quality of life.

Memory issues

A concussion usually impacts your short-term memory. This means you are likely to forget fast, affecting your daily functioning. You could forget an important appointment, have trouble keeping a conversation going, and directions become tricky, to name a few critical concerns. Memory issues can impact your work performance, relationships, and overall progress, emphasizing the need for thorough concussion diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Loss of or reduced taste and smell functions

A concussion impacts various brain parts responsible for the taste and smell functions. This includes:

  • Insula – found beneath the ears
  • Orbitofrontal cortex – found above and behind eyes
  • Piriform cortex – between the insula and the orbitofrontal cortex

When the concussion impacts these parts, your sense of smell and taste can be lost or significantly reduced.

Light and noise sensitivity

Noise and light sensitivity is a common post-concussion concern. This happens due to the dysregulation or dysfunction of the thalamus, vestibular system, or superior colliculus. It can impact your activities, such as difficulty driving at night due to the challenges of oncoming headlights. The noise sensitivity can also be disorienting. You will also likely experience headaches and eye pain, impacting your overall wellness.

Balance challenges

A concussion can impact proprioceptive receptors, which are responsible for the sense of your body’s positioning. When you can’t position and balance your body effortlessly, routine activities like taking a shower can be overwhelming and even a safety concern since you can easily trip and fall. This emphasizes the need to get checked and receive prompt and appropriate concussion treatment.

At face value, a concussion might not seem life-threatening. Nonetheless, a concussion, if not treated, can lead to complications that can significantly impact the quality of your life. Visit MindSet today for more on concussion diagnosis, treatment, and management options.




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