Vinny Mulhern Bio, Age, Wiki, Life, Net Worth

Vinny Mulhern is known as the brother of English television presenter, magician, and comedian Stephen Mulhern. He has a very famous brother who has been active since 1995. His brother Stephen Mulhern has hosted and presented several famous shows like “The Big Quiz”, Britain’s Got More Talent, Catchphrase, Tricky TV among others customer experience.

Vinny Mulhern Early Life and Bio

Vinny Mulhern exact date of birth is not known. However it is understood that he is younger than his brother Stephen Mulhern. His birthplace is Stratford, London, England. His parents are Christopher Mulhern and Maureen Mulhern. Mulhern’s parents were market traders. He attended St Bonaventure’s Secondary School in Forest Gate, East London.

Vinny Mulhern Physical Appearance

There is no information regarding Vinny Mulhern’s height, weight and body measurements. There is no photo also available on the internet through which we could guess his body measurements like height, weight and other information. Only info which is available is he is the brother of Stephen Mulhern.

Vinny Mulhern Career

We do not have any information regarding Vinny Mulhern’s career. Talking about his brother, Stephen Mulhern is a British presenter, performer, and former magician. He became fascinated with magic, and subsequently became a member of The Magic Circle, and began performing magic on television.

Vinny Mulhern

Vinny is most widely recognized for his presenting and hosting work for such programs as “Finger Tips”, “Tricky TV”, “Holly & Stephen’s Saturday Showdown”, “Dancing on Ice: Defrosted”, “Britain’s Got More Talent”, “The Hub”, “The Big Quiz”, “Big Star’s Little Star”, “Sunny Side Up”, and “Catchphrase”. He is also the co-host of the radio program, “Sunday Breakfast” on Heart Network radio.

Vinny Mulhern Personal Life

Vinny Mulhern’s personal life is a pure secret. There is no information regarding his personal life that whether he married or not. He has not revealed anything in the public. He likes to stay away from media attention and keeps a very low profile even after being the brother of a famous Television Presenter.

Vinny Mulhern Brother

Stephen Mulhern is an English television presenter, magician, and comedian. He began his television career on CITV, appearing in the children’s shows Finger Tips (2001–2008) and Tricky TV (2005–2010). Mulhern has presented various television shows for ITV, including Britain’s Got More Talent (2007–2019), Animals Do the Funniest Things (2007–2011), This Morning’s Hub (2011–2014), Catchphrase (2013–present), Big Star’s Little Star (2013–2018), In for a Penny (2019–present) and Rolling In It (2020–present). He also co-hosted the Sunday breakfast show on Heart Radio, alongside Emma Willis, and the ‘Ant vs Dec’ segment on Saturday Night Takeaway.

Vinny Mulhern Net Worth

As we do not have career details of Vinny Mulhern, that is why it is difficult to guess his exact net worth details. Talking about his brother Stephen Mulhern has accumulated a good net worth in his career. His brother estimated to be Net worth around $4 million as of 2022.

Social Media

The celebrity brother is not active on social media. He does not have account on any of the social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He keeps a very low profile and keeps all his information very secret from the public.

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