When is Nuclear Stress Testing Necessary?

While an electrocardiogram (EKG) is the first diagnostic test you can undergo for heart conditions, sometimes, it cannot detect some types of heart disease. Your cardiologist might suggest a more specific test, like nuclear stress testing, which will give more accurate results. During nuclear stress testing Port Saint Lucie, your doctor subjects your heart to stress through exercise, increasing your heart rate.

The stress test effectively detects blockages in your arteries and dead or damaged heart muscles.     

How to prepare for nuclear stress testing

During your initial consultation, your healthcare provider will give you preparation guidelines. The instructions will include what time you can eat before the test and whether you can take your usual medications. Avoiding caffeine at least 48 hours before the test is also important. You should follow the instructions so that you can achieve an accurate reading.

What does the procedure involve?

Before the stress test begins, your specialist will attach electrodes to your body, sending electrical activity from your body to an EKG machine. When everything is set, your doctor will instruct you on how fast you can walk on a treadmill. You will continue increasing your walking pace per your doctor’s instructions.

When you reach the heartbeat rate that your doctor set, you can start to slow down. Although you will stop the exercise, the EKG machine will still read your heart’s transmission rate during recovery. Your doctor will analyze the results first and then discuss them with you.  

What if you cannot exercise?

Depending on your age and condition, you might not be able to walk on a treadmill, but that should not worry you. Your specialist will administer special medication that will stimulate your heart and increase your heart rate so your doctor can diagnose.

What’s next after nuclear stress testing?

Once your specialist has your results, they will provide solutions which include medications, surgical procedures, and lifestyle modifications. Your lifestyle habits can help you improve your risk of getting heart problems or worsening existing ones. You can use the following guidelines to help keep your heart healthy.

Eat a healthy balanced diet

 A poor diet can put your heart and overall health at risk. Your doctor can recommend the foods you need to eat to ensure your heart is healthy and functions as it should. Consider eating unprocessed foods to avoid saturated fats and added sugars which can interfere with your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Exercise more often

Regular physical exercise is one of the ways you can promote a healthy heart. Whether you choose strength-training or aerobic exercises, you do your heart a favor. In most cases, combining the activities for better results is more beneficial. Ensure to exercise and increase your heart rate daily.

If you are experiencing symptoms of heart disease, but your EKG results are normal, visit TLC Medical Group Inc. for nuclear stress testing. The available cardiologists and staff will review your medical history and prepare you for the test. Call or book your appointment online today to improve the quality of your life. 




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