5 Crucial Types of Personal Hygiene a Hygiene Specialist Can Help You Maintain

Good personal hygiene, which involves keeping your body healthy and clean, is crucial to your mental and physical health. Failing to maintain proper hygiene can make your body a conducive host for germs and bacteria, which can cause infections and illnesses. Socially, people also tend to avoid people with poor personal hygiene, which can be lonely and isolating. With all that said, however, circumstances such as old age, disability, and cognitive impairment can sometimes make it difficult to remain clean. But rather than expose yourself to illness, you can turn to hygiene assistance Philadelphia specialist. Here is a look at five ways they can help you maintain good personal hygiene.

Bodily Hygiene

Your body is covered with millions of sweat glands that help your system regulate heat in hot environments. However, this sweat often breaks down in a process involving bacteria that can release a body odor. This is why taking a shower or bath every day is crucial. Washing your body can help eliminate the bad smell and protect your skin from irritation. Unfortunately, reduced mobility can make it difficult to run a bath and shower properly. Your hygiene assistant can help you take a full bath, sponge bath, or any other type of bath you prefer to keep your body clean.

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is about more than having a presentable smile. If you do not regularly clean your teeth, you can fall victim to serious oral conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. You may also develop halitosis, or bad breath, which can cause people to avoid you. Your hygiene assistant can help you brush and floss your teeth as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) – twice a day for 2 minutes and daily, respectively. This will help maintain your oral health.

Genital and Menstrual Hygiene

If the condition limiting you from maintaining your hygiene is not aging-related, you may still be getting your periods. Your hygienist can help you remain clean during this period to prevent rashes, body odors, and infections. They can also help you dispose of sanitary products safely and clean your hands afterward. During your baths, the specialist may also help you clean your genital areas properly to avoid common conditions like urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene involves washing your hands regularly to curb the spread of germs and contagious infections. Per the CDC, you should wash your hands every time you come into possible contact with germs or before you consume food, such as after you dress a wound before you cook, after you use the bathroom, and more. Your specialist can help you practice effective hand washing.

Nail Hygiene

As an extension of hand hygiene, your nail hygiene is also crucial to your health. Longer nails can house germs and dirt and contribute to the spread of bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. Your hygiene specialist can help you trim your nails to prevent this. They can also scrub the underside of your nails while washing your hands to ensure they do not hold any dirt deposits.

Stay on Top of Your Hygiene with Professional Assistance

As you get older, factors like chronic pain, disability, and memory problems can make it difficult for you to shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and perform other hygiene tasks. A hygiene assistant can help you perform these activities and maintain proper personal hygiene. By doing so, they can protect you from illness. They can also help you maintain your dignity in your old age. If you or someone you love needs help with their hygiene, contact a hygiene assistance service today.




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