Crucial Facts Concerning In Vitro Fertilization

The dream of every young couple is to extend their family at some point. A newborn usually ushers in new responsibilities to the family. Unfortunately, if any of the partners is infertile, giving birth to a healthy child may not be easy. Couples who struggle to give birth without bearing fruits may start pointing fingers, which usually causes emotional distress. The good thing is that in vitro fertilization (IVF) can help infertile couples have healthy babies. After successful egg fertilization, the fertility specialist conducts embryo transfer Newport Beach by placing fertilized eggs in the woman’s uterus. Keep reading this article to understand important facts concerning in vitro fertilization.

Conventional IVF Can Be Lengthy

You may think that conventional in vitro fertilization is quick, but you are mistaken. In this treatment, the specialist will remove eggs from women’s ovaries which are later fertilized outside the women’s body. The procedure is long since it involves stimulating women’s bodies before collecting eggs. For successful stimulation, women will visit clinics for checkups weeks before egg collection. In most cases, the total treatment takes approximately four to five weeks.

IVF Exists in Different Forms

Probably, you have only heard about conventional IVF. However, there are other types of IVF that you can lean on. For example, Natural IVF is a less drug intense form that does not involve any stimulating drugs. Since this IVF does not have a period of drug stimulation, it can take a shorter period than conventional IVF. Another good thing about Natural IVF is the fertility specialist can perform them without halting the menstrual cycle.

Age Is a Practical Matter

Regarding fertility treatment, patients’ age determines the procedure’s effectiveness. The fertility treatments performed on younger individuals have shown higher success rates than older individuals. This scenario occurs because women’s fertility declines with age, especially in their thirties. Therefore, chances of fertility treatment succeeding are minimal at the age of forties. Men’s fertility also declines as they age due to reduced hormone testosterone levels.

Success Rate Can Mislead You

Sometimes success rates may not be tailored based on your unique needs. The difference could occur depending on the institutions’ parameters to determine the success rate. For example, some clinics measure the effectiveness of fertility treatment with positive pregnancy tests. Other institutions use live births and clinical pregnancy. Therefore, you should consider other factors beyond the success rates when looking for fertility treatment.

You May Need Other Treatment Cycles

On average, the success rate of IVF treatment is approximately thirty-five percent. This instance implies that most individuals will undergo other treatment sessions before a successful pregnancy. Therefore, when seeking this fertility treatment, it is important to know that you are starting a course of treatment, not just a single cycle. Inquire with your specialist to give you a personalized estimation of success for a single and overall course of treatment.

Have you been trying to get pregnant without bearing fruits? Worry no more since there are different fertility treatments that you can benefit from, like In vitro fertilization. This procedure involves the removal of eggs from ovaries and being fertilized outside the women’s body. Consequently, the specialist transfers the embryo to the woman’s womb. Convention IVF usually takes around four to five weeks since it involves stimulation. The younger you are when seeking this treatment, the more chances you have to get a healthy pregnancy.




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