Australia: Home To 11 Of The World’s Finest Cricket Grounds

Australia is home to some of the world’s most impressive cricket venues, and I’ll be exploring some of the finest of them here. As per cricket video downloading, following are some of the breathtakingly beautiful stadiums in Australia.

  • How many locations in Australia host cricket matches?

In Australia, cricket matches have been played at a total of 12 different venues. Only six of the venues are likely to regularly stage international cricket matches. First-class cricket is played at a large number of Australian cricket grounds, while hundreds of smaller venues are also present around the nation.

1. Adelaide Oval –

The Adelaide Oval is, without a doubt, Australia’s finest cricketing venue. The Adelaide Oval initially opened in 1871, and South Australia played a state cricket match there three years later. In 1884, the first test match between Australia and England was played there.

The Adelaide Oval, many important cricket grounds in Australia, also hosts Australian Rules Football matches. This venue is particularly adaptable since it has previously held Rugby League and rock concerts.

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground  –

There’s a strong argument for moving the Melbourne Cricket Ground up this list, and some could even say it should be at the very top. It opened in 1853 and hosted the first-ever test match between Australia and England in 1877, so you know it has some history.

When it comes to sheer size, Melbourne’s cricket stadium also comes out on top. It ranks as the eleventh-largest sports stadium in the world and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sardar Patel Stadium in India has a larger capacity, but this one is still impressive with 100,000 people.

The Adelaide Oval’s visual appeal is the one factor that places it in the top position. Beautiful as it is, the Melbourne Cricket Ground just can’t compare to the likes of the Sydney Cricket Ground.

3. Sydney Cricket Ground –

The first test of the year for Australia is usually played at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The Sydney Cricket Ground was opened in 1848, and its small capacity of 48,601 means that it presently accommodates cricket, Australian rules football, and both codes of rugby.

The Sydney Cricket Ground may not be the most functional stadium in the world, but its stunning architecture and picturesque setting make it a strong contender for first place on any ranking of the best in the world. The stadium is a stunning site, and it has kept its original members and ladies’ grandstands from its heyday.

4. Melbourne Cricket Ground –

The Gabba, or Brisbane Cricket Ground, was opened in 1895 and has a capacity of just 42,000, making it one of the smaller fields, but the atmosphere when it’s full is fantastic. This venue has a long history and is often chosen to host the opening test match of the Australian summer.

Australia’s first-ever Twenty20 international at home was played at the Gabba in 2006. As another multi-use venue, it played home to Olympic soccer during the country’s hosting of the games in 2000.

5. Bellerive Oval –

Bellerive Oval is Tasmania’s most important cricket venue. Since its opening in 1914, it has served as the permanent home of the Hobart Hurricanes and as a venue for international matches in all three forms.

Its low capacity of 20,000 is more than compensated for by its sleek appearance. The Bellerive Oval is a world-class venue, but more people would be able to appreciate its value if it were larger.

6. Optus Stadium In Perth –

The Optus Stadium boasts of being Australia’s top multi-use stadium. When it opened in 2017, it was considered to be one of the most costly in the world, with an estimated cost of AUD 1.6 billion.

After leaving the WACA, the Australian cricket team began playing its international matches here (Western Australian Cricket Association). The Optus Stadium may be a relatively new venue, but its aesthetic qualities help it rank well.

7. Bowral’s Bradman Oval –

Bowral, New South Wales, is famously linked to cricket legend Donald Bradman. A striking image of “The Don” is featured on the town of Bowral’s official welcome sign.

While the Bradman name first appeared in 2000, the stadium dates back to 1896. Despite its modest size and the fact that only international women’s games have been held there yet (in 2021), it nevertheless manages to make their list because of its stunning architectural architecture.

The Sir Donald Bradman Museum, located close to the world-famous cricket stadium, is not to be missed by anybody passing through the area.

8. Docklands Stadium In Melbourne –

Docklands Stadium is an amazing venue, even though its contemporary architecture doesn’t make it the most aesthetically pleasing stadium in Australia. Built-in 2000, it can seat more than 55,000 people and is the permanent venue for the Melbourne Renegades.

It serves several sports, including Australian rules football (AFL) and rugby. It has been a while since the Docklands last hosted an international cricket match, so Cricket Australia may have moved on.

9. Sydney’s Stadium Australia –

Built for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Stadium Australia has subsequently played home to a variety of world-class sporting events. Because of its ability to host a wide variety of sports in addition to cricket, this venue consistently ranks among the most versatile in the nation.

Sydney Thunder home games in the Big Bash and New South Wales State Cricket are played at this stadium. Although the venue’s current capacity is just 82,500, a record-breaking throng of 114,714 saw the Olympic Closing Ceremony inside.

10. Manuka Oval In Canberra –

The Big Bash T20 event is being played at the Manuka Oval in Canberra, which is serving as a neutral venue. While it has hosted a single test match as of 2021, it has been used more regularly for one-day internationals and Twenty20 internationals.

Manuka Oval, which was opened in 1929, ranks only eighth due to its very low capacity of just 16,000. Beautiful in appearance, it also sees action in Australian football.

11. Melbourne’s Junction Oval –

The Junction Oval in St. Kilda is one of the most significant venues for women’s cricket in Australia, despite its less than memorable name. The Victoria men’s team plays all of their home games here, including Tests, ODIS, and T20is.

Since its opening in 1856, it has had a rich history and a wide range of cultural significance. Yet, it is one of the smaller Australian professional grounds, with a maximum capacity of just 7,000.


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