Here is Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

Do you struggle with extra abdominal fat that hangs loosely and keeps you from wearing your nicely fitting jeans? Have you undergone a major physical change like childbirth, affecting your skin elasticity and leading to a sagging belly? Good news! A New York tummy tuck is what you should go for to restore your firm and tight belly. During a tummy tuck, your doctor makes an incision on your belly and removes excess fat to give you a defined appearance. Before you go in for one, read the following discussion to get insight on a tummy tuck.

When Do You Need a Tummy Tuck?

You can schedule a tummy tuck procedure if you have loose excess fat and skin around your tummy and wish to eliminate them. You can also have a tummy tuck to eliminate stretch marks in your lower abdomen, but it will not work outside this area. Your doctor may recommend this and other body contouring procedures to remove excess fat under your skin. However, not everyone can go for a tummy tuck. Your doctor may not recommend this procedure if you are planning to lose significant weight, are considering pregnancy, have severe chronic illnesses, and smoke. Additionally, you may not benefit from a tummy tuck if you had previous abdominal surgery that led to significant scar tissue.

Are There Risks to a Tummy Tuck?

Your risks after this treatment may include fluid accumulation beneath your skin, which your doctor will remove using a syringe and needle. Your incision line may heal poorly, and you will have a permanent incision scar. You may also experience a change in skin sensation because of the repositioning of your tissues, which may affect your abdominal nerves. Lastly, you may have tissue damage, and smoking will increase your risk for this damage.

What Should You Expect on Your First Visit?

Upon your initial visit, your doctor will ask about your medical history, including allergies and medical conditions. Secondly, you will undergo a physical exam to help your doctor determine your treatment option. Lastly, you will tell your doctor why you need the procedure and what you hope to achieve as your new appearance after treatment. Your doctor will then help you understand the steps of the procedure, risks and benefits, and what you should expect as your results.

What Should You Do Before a Tummy Tuck?

You may need to stop smoking as it reduces blood flow, slows the healing process, and increases the risk of tissue damage. Your doctor may ask you to avoid certain medications like aspirin which may increase your risk for bleeding. You will need to keep a stable month 12 months before your treatment and shed some if you are overweight.

The body goes through physical changes over time, which may affect your appearance. Significant weight loss and childbirth may cause your skin to be transformed, especially when losing skin elasticity to having a sagging belly. A tummy tuck aims to reverse these changes by eliminating excess fat and skin in your abdomen and then sewing everything back up to give you a new toned appearance. Depending on your goals, your doctor will select a tummy tuck procedure that suits you and will meet what you expect. However, results will vary.




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