Benefits of Concrete Patio

Chances are, when you think of patios, you think of dull outdoor spaces mostly made of wood. Wooden decks are a popular choice because wood feels and looks good. But concrete patios are the best option because they are durable.

Concrete patios do not look boring. In fact, given the options in concrete, they can make the outdoor space more vibrant at a lower cost.

Exposed aggregate or exposed concrete, burnished concrete or polished concrete are the most popular choices for concrete flooring. We have discussed a few benefits of concrete patios to give you a better idea about this flooring option. 

What are the Benefits of Concrete Patios?

One of the first concerns of an individual regarding concrete flooring is the looks. Concrete patios do not have to be dull, lifeless and grey. Decorative cement can give the patios different colours and textures and transform the outdoor space.

Read the benefits of concrete patios to make the best choice for your home:

  1. Cost-Effective Process

Installing concrete floors is cheaper than installing a wooden deck or fancy tile and stones. This is one of the most significant advantages of installing concrete floors. The price is far less because the installation process does not require much labour, and the materials are inexpensive.

  1. Durability

Patios must withstand broad weather conditions since outdoor spaces are exposed to different weather elements year-round. Having cement floors ensures that the flooring lasts for years without any damage, as cement is known for its inherent strength.

Concrete patios can last thirty to forty years with regular maintenance and care.

  1. Low Maintenance

You can keep concrete floors in really good shape with minimum maintenance. Weather elements often play a considerable role in eroding the concrete floor, but they can be prevented. Cleaning the floor regularly, managing vegetation growth, and sealing it every few years can extend the floor’s lifespan.

  1. Looks Good

If you are stuck with the misconception that concrete floors have limited style options, then we are here to change your mind. Concrete floors have many options in finishing styles, textures, and colours. Solid colours, geometric patterns, blended colours, different stones and pebbles; the styles are endless.

Difference Between Regular Concrete and Exposed Aggregate

You have numerous options when it comes to choosing concrete flooring for patios. Do you want a clean-looking, flat, smooth-finished floor or one with more texture and different stones embedded in the floor?

While regular concrete can give a simple look, exposed aggregate uses different stones, called aggregate material, to provide a rugged look. Different types, sizes, and colours of stones are available for aggregates. This flooring is not sealed to give it a rugged look.

Exposed concrete prevents skids. So, individuals with children at home who love to spend time outdoors can consider this flooring option for their patios.

Also, individuals should keep the cost factor in mind. The cost of installation of exposed concrete is more than a regular concrete surface. The price depends on the labour, type of aggregate used, and square feet of the space.

Transform the Outdoors with Concrete Patio

An excellent outdoor space starts with the decoration of the patio. Individuals looking for the most cost-effective option can choose polished regular concrete, while those who want to splurge can go for exposed concrete. 

Concrete patios are always a good option for those looking for a break from traditional wooden patios, and they provide the best backdrop to enjoy barbecues or picnics outside.




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