How is Film Licensing is Achieved?

Any kind of screening of a movie to a team of people calls for licensing, whether they are a paying target market or otherwise. It’s a prominent false impression that it is flawlessly lawful to evaluate films to a non-paying audience, but this is simply not the case. There are clear lawful networks for screening any type of film outside the home.

To screen films to the public outside of a typical movie theatre context is called a non-theatrical exhibition. Examples include movie clubs, bars, colleges, resorts, shops, oil rigs, care homes, holiday resorts, and health centres along with community teams.

Movies screened non-theatrically are generally evaluated from DVD or Blu-ray, though choices to play them from downloadable data are expanding.


If you intend to put on a film screening, there are two locations of licensing to consider:

  • Movie copyright licensing: The permit to screen the particular film title(s) you wish to show, needed for all screenings outside the home
  • Properties licensing: The licence for the task of evaluating a movie to the general public, required only if you intend to create a make money from tickets being marketed

Both consents are totally different and the ownership of one permit does not provide an exception from any kind of needs of the various others.

Film copyright licensing

To display a film to the general public, you need consent from the movie’s copyright owner. Typically, this is its UK supplier. Approval might get ensured in the form of a movie hiring or a permit.

The licensing of movies for non-theatrical cinemas can get complicated, yet many movies are available through three significant suppliers: the BFI, MPLC, or Filmbankmedia.

The BFI, as well as Filmbankmedia, provide online brochures where you can browse to see if they have the rights to a particular film For details of MPLC’s brochure, you’ll require to call their licensing group.

To rent movies non-theatrically from the BFI, call their reservations team.

To book movies from MPLC and Filmbankmedia you will need to purchase among their licences.

Revealing TV broadcasts that consist of film

In 2016, there was an adjustment to the legislation which some licensing companies have translated to mean you require an extra ‘program’ licence to evaluate regular TV daily programming, which might include movies, in public; along with your normal television licence.

You can also contact the appropriate film copyright owners, and/or the appropriate television channel, to seek information on what permissions you require to show their TV broadcast in public.




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