5 Different Ways In Which You Can Finance Your Boats

Dealing with a lot of debt can be stressful and expensive for Australians who go about finding the right financing for their boats the wrong way. If they have paid off their car loans or other loans in full, they may want to consider using the remaining surplus funds for boat financing. When searching for financing options in Australia, there are several different ways in which clients can finance their boats, whether they are looking to buy or trade in their old boat. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, mainstream private lenders such as banks will not lend more than 50% of the purchase price in the country. Banks will still assess credit risks before approving the loan application for a loan, but this can lead to an application taking longer. 

There are now alternative ways for Australians who wish to purchase or finance their first boat without having excessive amounts outstanding on their mortgage or revolving credit card debts. With over 1.5 million Australians living in a household that owned a boat, with a majority having a yacht, finding an alternative method for financing a boat may be relatively easy to come by in Australia. For starters, here are a few of them listed below; 

Use An Online Loan Or A Bank Loan

Online loans are easy to apply for, and plenty of private agencies and firms online can help Australians get their applications approved for financing in a few minutes. They’re also easy to repay because there’s no physical paperwork involved— pay the loan directly from the bank account.

Sell The Car And Buy The Boat Using The Money

For those who want to finance their boat, the easiest way is to sell the car and use the money to buy it. People can sell their vehicles for more than what they paid for them if they keep them in pristine condition or find the right buyer. This will give them enough capital to buy a boat and ensure that if something goes wrong with this purchase (for example, if there’s an accident), then some of the financial resources are still intact.

Get A Boat Loan And Put Down 20% As A Deposit. 

In this case, Australians would need to borrow money from a bank for boat financing. They can put down 20% as a deposit on the boat and then buy it from the bank once people have paid back their loan. This is a good option if they want to buy an older chartered boat or one that has few amenities onboard.

Save Up For It First

If people are looking to finance their boat, they could save up for it first. If they have the cash available and want to purchase their new boat outright, then saving money could help speed up the process of getting on board with the purchase. Australians can use some of their savings as well as those from family members or friends who are willing to lend them some cash—or perhaps even ask them if they would like an ownership stake in the vessel itself.  

Finance The Boat Is Through A Bank

Banking is the best option if people are looking for a safe way to borrow money. Banks are regulated and have a good reputation, as well as being able to offer competitive interest rates on loans. When financing a boat through a bank, two main factors will determine its price: how much equity do people want to put into it? And what kind of loan term do they want?




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