Jack Matfin Bell: Son Of Jamie Bell & Evan Rachel Wood

Jack Matfin Bell is a celebrity kid, mostly known as the child of actor Jamie Bell and actress Evan Rachel Wood. However, his parents did part ways in 2014 when he was just one year old. As his mother is from the United States and father is from England, he does have dual citizenship.

He was born on July 29, 2013, in Santa Monica, California, United States of America. He is 9 years old as of now. The very factor makes Jack a Leo zodiac sign member. He is a Christian just like his famous parents. Jack, despite being taken to the culture of America, does seem to have deep British roots. Hence, he does call it football not soccer. Talking about football, he is a huge Arsenal Football Club, who are the 13-time English champions, fan. Jack doessharehis birthday with notable names like Dak Prescott, Elizabeth Short and many others.

Jack Matfin Bell Physical Stats

Jack Matfin Bell is a young man whose height, feet size and weight is growing with the age. However, some of the body features are forever. He is a handsone young person who has hazel eyes and blonde hair. Jack is too young to opt the habit of drinking alcohol. He does not even do smoking and has not put any tattoos on his body.

Jack Matfin Bell Father Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell is a famous English actor who was born on 14 March 1986 in Bellingham, United Kingdom. He is a huge Arsenal football club fan with the Gunners legend Thierry Henry is his all-time favorite football player. Jamie came to the limelight after making a debut in Billy Elliot. The film led him to win BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Jamie Bell

The very factor made him one of the youngest BAFTA Award winners ever, which is a huge achievement in the United Kingdom. Since winning BAFTA, he has always seen rise in the career as an actor. Eileen Matfin and John Bell are his parents. His father is also a huge Arsenal football club fan. He did part ways with Evan Rachel Wood in 2014, just two years after tying knots. After that, he did move with American actress Kate Mara in 2017. Hence, Kate Mara is the step mother of Jack Matfin Bell.

Jack Matfin Bell Mother Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is an American actress. She is the ex-wife of British actor Jamie Bell. The pair did marry in 2012 but got divorce in 2014. She was born on 7 September 1987 in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.  Evan is even a celebrity child for being the daughter of Ira David Wood III, who is an American actor, author, singer, theater director and playwright. He was the key reason Evan also taking the root to become an actor. 

Her mother Sara Lynn Moore is an actress, director, and acting coach, who did pick Judaism and hence, Evan was raised in same culture. Hence, her kid does follow Judaism too.  She did make her career debut in 1994 when she was just a kid. However, from 2001 to 2005, she did start to work as an actress. Digging to China (1997) was her debut film. She has worked in over 30 films. Her television debut happened back in 2014 for In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness, where she played the role of Little Susie.

Evan Rachel Wood
Jack Matfin Bell

Jack Matfin Bell Siblings and Family, Stepmother

Jack Matfin Bell is one and only child of actor Jamie Bell and actress Evan Rachel Wood. Hence, he does not have any siblings. But he does have cuisines from both father and mother’s sides.  Kathryn Bell and Aden Elins  are her aunts. Ira David Wood, Jr. and Betty Lee Winstead are his Great-grandparents. Eileen Matfin, John Bell, Ira David Wood III and Sara Lynn Moore are his grandparents. American actress Kate Mara is his stepmother and he does share good relationship with Kate and calls her as his second mother.  He did attend the wedding ceremony when his father married Kate Mara in 2017. 

Jack Matfin Bell Education

Jack Matfin Bell lives with his mother mostly in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. As the parents did part ways in 2014, his mother did take the responsibility to raise Jack, who likes more of English sports than American. But does make a visit to his father’s place from time to time. He does get his education from Nashville and has many American friends.

He is very close to his mother who he class as the love of his life. Jack does like academics but he does like playing football/soccer the most. He does watch every Arsenal game, which does show how big of a football fan he is. When he comes to England, Jack goes to the Emeritus Stadium in North London to support his beloved football club. He does support Three Lions rather than going for the United States men’s national soccer team.   

Jack Matfin Bell Parents Divorce and Custody

Jack Matfin Bell was just one year old when his parents parted ways back in 2014. It was a huge update back then for the fans of both actors. They did marry in 2012 and welcomed  Jack to the life in the summer of 2013. However, a year later they did decide to end the relationship. Hence, Jack did not see his parents living together which must be hard on him as kids do want both father and mother together. After parting ways, thing did go very well until 2020. As in 2021, actor Jamie Bell and actress Evan Rachel Wood battled for the custody of Jack Matfin Bell. It did create tension and headlines in the media region.

Jack Matfin Bell

It was the reason her mother moved from Los Angeles to Nashville. It was the decision taken by her mother for protect the child from former fiancé Marilyn Manson. However, Bell said that Wood’s relationships did make an impact in the life of his son and hence, he has taken this decision.

Social Media Jack Matfin Bell

Jack Matfin Bell does keep on popping at his parents social media handles. But he has not yet made an impact on social media as it does not seem to be a right time for him to be a star on social media because that he can do in some point of a time. 

Jack Matfin Bell Net Worth

Jack Matfin Bell does not work as a professional as he is a student yet. However, his parents are rich. Jamie Bell has a net worth of USD 11 million, while her mother has a net worth of USD 8 million. They are still working and earning, so it looks as Jack’s future is secured even if he does not work for the rest of his life.

Jack Matfin Bell

Hobbies, Stats

  • Jack Matfin Bell lives with his mother in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.
  • Jack’s parents did part ways back in 2014. It was a marriage that did last for 2 years.
  • Jack does like to do swimming, playing with friends and watching football/soccer.
  • He is in love with most of Netflix series.
  • Jack is a huge fan of Arsenal football club like his father.
  • Kate Mara, who is a famous American actress, is his step mother.
  • He does like junk food a lot.
  • Jack does have a step brother who is from his father’s side. He did born in October 2022.


Q Is Jamie Bell in a relationship?

Jack Matfin Bell’s father Jamie Bell is a married man. His wife is Kate Mara. From 2012 to 2014, he was married with Evan Rachel Wood.

Q Who is the stepmother of Jack Matfin Bell?

Kate Mara is the step mother of Jack Matfin Bell. He does have a good relationship with Kate.

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