NextGen EMR vs Centricity EMR: The Features Analysis

NextGen is the center of attention these days for all care professionals. And so is Centricity ERM, as both these solutions work on a strategic framework to drive excellence for medical practices. The NextGen platform rules over the EMR industry on the basis of its intuitive feature range. As for Centricity EMR, it looks into the clinical challenges focusing on streamlining of clinical operations. Deciding between these two is a hard nut to crack and leaves practitioners hanging on the thread. 

You might also be stressed over the NextGen EMR vs Centricity EMR to make the final call. But here we are with the solutions to all your queries. There are two things to look into that matter the most. One is the feature range, and the other is the price. But we have centered this NextGen EMR vs Centricity EMR guide on the feature analysis of these vendors. This analysis is what you need to reach a conclusive point. So, let’s dig deeper into this NextGen EMR vs Centricity EMR feature analysis. 

NextGen EMR

NextGen EMR Features:


NextPen is the best-in-class service of NextGen EMR and is even elaborated on in its demo. This service works by capturing patient data digitally and automatically populating it on the EHR module. It helps store the data to note crucial medical records to elevate healthcare services quickly. The reviews show that it allows administrative staff to focus on the things that matter the most. 

Mirth Connect:

The NextGen EMR reviews are of the view that this is by far the most effective service of NextGen EMR. Bid farewell to distorted connectivity and embrace evolving technology to deal with interoperability challenges. As revealed in the demo, the data-driven decision-making capability of NextGen EMR backs this EDI service. Mirth Connect is a cost-effective interoperability service that connects with endless channels helping you scale with grace. 

Care Coordination:

NextGen EMR coordinates care by providing a holistic view of patient records. You can evaluate this feature in the demo of NextGen EMR as it shows how it identifies the patient’s needs. Keeping all data intact, it offers chronic care management services to handle chronic diseases effortlessly. There are expert teams to arm your staff with strategic approaches for closing the care gaps with features like pre-visit planning etc. 

Health Data Hub:

Working as a single source of truth, NextGen EMR reviews depict that it works as a central data hub. The vendor aggregates community-wide data to meet the needs of small, medium, and enterprise-level ambulatory care practices. With managed data pipelines, this market-leading technological solution unlocks innovative analytics to integrate data visualizations. The data hub of NextGen even leverages snowflake tools for creating customizable charts and much more. 

NextGen EMR Pricing:

Now it’s time to look into the pricing details of NextGen EMR in this NextGen EMR vs Centricity EMR cost structure. The NextGen EMR offers two central pricing bundles, but the exact price range is not revealed. One works on a small scale, and the other works for enterprise-grade practices. There is a considerable difference between the feature sets of these two pricing bundles of NextGen EMR. Request accurate pricing details by contacting the sales team of NextGen EMR. 

Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR Features:

Let’s look into the features of Centricity EMR software to move forwards with this NextGen EMR vs Centricity EMR comparison. 

Patient Monitoring:

Monitor patients with excellence having all quality insights at your fingertips. The Centricity EMR reviews illustrate that this solution spans the continuum of care by better identifying and anticipating patient records. This world-class service delivers intact critical information encompassing groundbreaking innovation. You can learn about how Centricity EMR expands the carescape to elevate patient care. 

Diagnostic ECG:

Centricity EMR reviews depict that the vendor transforms cardiology services by bringing innovation to life. It is committed to delivering enhanced services so medical practitioners can accurately perform cardiac tests and create to-the-point care plans with effective ECG analysis. By scheduling a Centricity EMR demo, you can see how it conducts and analyzes the cardiology assessments. 


Get ready to diagnose patients better with the intuitive imaging services of this robust platform. The Centricity EMR demo clearly presents how the vendor magnifies its imaging spectrum to meet multi-specialty practices needs.  Deploying advanced technology, this platform sets best-of-breed imaging services to simplify the exam workflow. In addition, the reviews state that harnessing technology protocols, Cerner EMR adds value to patient experience. 

Advanced Visualization:

Visual representation of patient diagnostics is essential to deliver improved patient care. Advanced visualization of Centricity EMR is the crux of the reviews. It is because the solution digs deeper into the vascular structures, lesions, and muscular tendons so you can easily assess the roots of problems. The demo of Centricity EMR highlights how it deals with the complexities of patient cases, reducing your workload. 

Centricity EMR Pricing:

After exploring the features, you might be interested in the pricing structure of Centricity EMR. But we can’t share the delicate details of the pricing structure of Centricity EMR. The vendor has not made its cost details public. But you can resort to the custom quote method for requesting the pricing details of Centricity EMR to reach a final conclusion. Getting pricing details is a must as it is the only way you can decipher whether it is compatible with meeting your needs. 

The Conclusion:

Now comes the deciding point in this NextGen EMR vs Centricity EMR comparison. You have the list of quality services of these solutions at your disposal. Explore these services in detail by setting up a demo with NextGen EMR and Centricity EMR. Besides the demo, you can look into the reviews of NextGen EMR and Centricity EMR for more in-depth details. 

After looking into all these details about the features of NextGen EMR and Centricity EMR, look into the pricing range in the end. Weigh the features in terms of reviews and pricing after assessing the details listed in the demo, and that’s it. Everything’s sorted out. Make the purchasing decision and set your foot on the path to success.  




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