What Causes the Loss of Your Skin’s Firmness?

Your face can sag and develop wrinkles and fine lines as you age. Fortunately, you can restore your skin’s youthful appearance with non-invasive treatments. Dr. William T. Long and the experienced team at Manhattan Dermatology can develop a customized plan to rejuvenate your skin. Here is what you need to know about your skin’s elasticity.

Factors causing the loss of skin firmness

Your skin loses its firmness partly through the natural process of aging. As you grow older, collagen in the skin’s tissues depletes. The skin sags as the supportive tissue weakens.

Signs of aging may appear prematurely due to several factors. They include:

  • Collagen depletion
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Excessive UV exposure

Collagen and elastin depletion

Collagen is a protein that keeps the structure of muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments together. It maintains the structural integrity of critical organs and blood vessels.

While collagen constitutes 40% of the body, it accounts for 70% of the skin’s dry mass. The protein regulates elastin and hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin supple.

As you grow older, collagen depletes, reducing firmness while dehydrating the skin. Dry skin develops wrinkles and fine lines faster than supple skin. It may cause sagging on your neck, cheeks, and eyes.

Lower levels of collagen could also weaken blood vessels responsible for delivering nutrients to muscles, tendons, and skin tissues. You may experience rashes, headaches, dry eyes, and skin.

Rapid weight loss and sagging skin

Your skin may also sag after you lose a considerable amount of weight. Studies show that excessive weight damages the skin’s supportive tissue. Your muscles and tendons lose the ability to regain their firmness after losing weight.

Excessive sun exposure

Sun exposure has far-reaching implications for the health of your skin. Research suggests UV damage is responsible for 70% of signs of aging on your skin.

Ultraviolet rays can damage elastin and collagen proteins, reducing the skin’s firmness. Wrinkles may appear on your hands, face, and arms. The skin tends to sag, creating a sunken look.

Tanning beds may also damage skin and blood tissue. The level of UV exposure could cause thinning of the epidermal tissue, the skin’s outermost layer. Thin skin may cause your hands and face to become transparent. You may see the bones and blood vessels through the skin.

Treatments for wrinkles and sagging skin

Your aesthetic professional can discuss various modalities to restore your skin’s firmness. Diet and nutritional supplements can replenish collagen and rejuvenate your skin. You can reduce the risk of skin damage by avoiding sun exposure and habits like smoking.

Skin resurfacing can eliminate signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. The laser allows for the precise delivery of thermal energy to the target tissue. It is a non-invasive treatment for hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, and deep wrinkles.

Ablative laser treatments like Contour TRLTM remove layers of the skin and stimulates collagen production. It improves skin color and firmness to reveal a youthful face.

The evaluation of your skin and health status is crucial for choosing the best therapies for your skin condition. Your dermatologist will conduct tests before recommending a skin rejuvenation procedure.

Restore your skin’s firmness by calling the friendly team at Manhattan Dermatology today.




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