When Should You Consider Visiting Your Vein Specialist

Many people with vascular and spider veins issues always find it more of a cosmetic issue than a medical one. While we all strive to live healthy lives free from any vascular problems, the truth is that unavoidable factors contribute to the formation of conditions like varicose veins, PAD, and spider veins. Typically, these conditions indicate that you have underlying issues with your circulatory system and should seek medical intervention sooner. 

Fortunately, El Paso general surgery services ensure you overcome any condition that impacts your life. Constantly visiting your vein specialist, even when your situation seems healthy, is essential in preventing further issues. However, let’s examine the six crucial signs that indicate it’s time to visit your vein specialist.

1.     Heavy Leg and ankle swelling

While it’s normal for your legs to feel tired at the end of a working day, heavy swelling in parts of your legs and ankle indicates something is wrong. Swollen legs usually indicate inflammation or poor circulation, which can birth severe conditions like venous insufficiency. This alarming condition includes cramping, tenderness, and burning or throbbing sensations. That said, it’s in your best interest that you seek medical evaluation if you notice any of these symptoms.

2.     Bruising and skin discoloration

When you’re suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, the pressure in your blood vessels increases, which causes uneven blood flow in the surrounding cells and tissues. As a result, this results in skin irritation and discoloration. Insufficient blood flow can also cause your skin to appear leathery, scaly, and crusty. In most cases, blood flow issues can cause life-threatening vascular complications, so you must seek immediate medical attention.

3.     Itchiness feelings around the vein

If you’ve been diagnosed with varicose veins and the area surrounding them develops an itchy feeling, it’s time to see your vein doctor. This can indicate severe conditions like blood clots, bleeding, or ulcers. However, a vein specialist can evaluate your situation and provide effective treatment options.

4.     Leg wounds that don’t seem to heal

Generally, if blood flow in your legs and feet isn’t sufficient, it will take much longer for a cut or wound to heal completely. A wound that heals slowly can birth other complications like ulcers and infections. Therefore, if your leg wounds take extra time to heal, you should consult your vein doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, a vein specialist can help prevent the wound from causing more damage.

5.     Cramping, aching, burning, and pain in your legs

While these symptoms can occur due to conditions other than varicose veins, it’s best to visit a vein specialist when you notice them. Early detection and treatments will help end your pain and prevent further complications.

6.     Bulging or knotty veins

You shouldn’t hesitate to engage your vein specialist if you notice varicose veins developing in other body parts beyond your legs. Usually, it’s very uncomfortable when such veins develop in your groin area or buttocks. However, a vein doctor can help manage your situation by reducing your symptoms.

To guarantee the health and wellness of your vascular system, you should frequently visit a vein specialist for checkups and treatments. No matter how slight your symptoms may appear, constantly engage your vascular doctor to help prevent further damage.




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