Bordeaux: Top Places to Explore in French City

Bordeaux is indeed not as popular as Paris, which is the French capital. However, it is still a popular destination to go for locals as well as for tourists. Around 2,60,000 people live in the city. They all offer a quality place to enjoy time in this beautiful city. Due to wine production, people are very rich and stable in the city. They even sell their products outside France. Therefore, the value of land in the city is just at another level. It comes up with classical and traditional architecture. In a way, it makes the product even better for those who spend fortunes to enjoy quality moments. Hence, let us take a look at the top five places to explore in Bordeaux.     

5 Bordeaux: Jardin Public

Jardin Public is a beautiful park sparked by the beautiful river. The park was made in the 18th century. Hence, it does hold historical values. The place is famous for trees and another natural rescores. Jardin Public indeed holds a special place in the heart of locals. 

4 Bordeaux: Musée du Vin et du Négoce

If ones loves wine, then Musée du Vin et du Négoce is the place to go for. It shows how the city became the powerhouse of making wine. The very product is famous around the world. Therefore, it does hold historical value. In a way, it can take your passion for wine to another level (Instagram). 

3 St. Andre Cathedral

St. Andre Cathedral is a famous Roman Catholic church. It’s been dedicated to Saint Andrew. For locals, it is the best place to worship. 

2 The Water Mirror

The Water Mirror is the best place to make videos and click pictures. It makes the world feel like a better place. The quality of the very location is indeed at another level.  

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1 Place de la Bourse

Place de la Bourse is a historical walking area in Bordeaux. The very holds the power to make the aroma even special.  

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