DLOCAL Takes Huge Funding Of USD 150 Million

To narrow the innovation gap in payments between established and emerging nations, dLocal was founded with this objective in mind. We are a technology business, a cross-border payments facilitator, and a localization specialist for emerging markets. This implies that we are fully committed to providing a versatile, all-inclusive payments solution that increases reach in emerging regions and unlocks new revenue streams. We are immensely proud to drive expansion for some of the most forward-thinking businesses in the world, who motivate us to strive for the impossibly every day. Uruguaybased Dlocal 5b.

CEO and President

At dLocal, the president and chief operating officer (COO) oversees a wide range of activities, manages our operations, information technology (IT), and business processes, and is in charge of ensuring that the company’s arduous expansion plans stay on course. Singer, who was formerly the CTO of dLocal, created and constructed our payments technology from the ground up. He oversaw the product and technical teams at AstroPay prior to joining dLocal, where he developed strong project management and technology skills. He graduated from Universidad ORT Uruguay with a degree in information technology. Dlocal 150m 5b Septembertanbloomberg.

Pay associates using a branded card and local money.

To reach millions of customers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, create new revenue streams and make prepaid cards widely accessible.

Assign branded cards and transfer money to them directly to pay partners like drivers, homeowners, or independent contractors. You can also use it to administer loyalty programmes for clients, suppliers, and staff. The card is simple to customise to your brand’s aesthetic, and local currency funds are instantly made available for online and offline payments. Uruguaybased Dlocal 150m Septembertanbloomberg.

Give your international transactions a localised payment experience to stand out.

By paying your cross-border recipients as they expect to be paid and with the quickest time-to-account in emerging markets, you can improve their experience.

Easily expand your payout operations

Utilize a single integration to automate hours of labor-intensive manual work from your team while lowering the risk of human mistake. Avoid having to deal with several payout suppliers. Uruguaybased Dlocal 150m.

dLocal, a Uruguayan payments firm, raises $150M and quadruples its valuation to $5B.

Less than seven months after raising $200 million at a valuation of $1.2 billion, the startup for international payments, dLocal, has raised $150 million at a valuation of $5 billion.

This indicates that the five-year-old Uruguayan company’s valuation has effectively doubled within a short period of time.The most recent round, which also saw participation from BOND, D1 Capital Partners, and Tiger Global, was led by Alkeon Capital. General Atlantic was the round’s lead investor, and when it closed in September of last year, dLocal became the first unicorn in Uruguay and one of the most valuable firms in all of Latin America. Dlocal 150m Septembertanbloomberg.

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Global corporate retailers may reach “billions” of emerging market consumers in 29 nations throughout Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa through DLocal. Over 325 international merchants utilise dLocal to accept over 600 local payment options, including e-commerce stores, SaaS providers, online travel agencies, and marketplaces. They additionally use its platform to send payments to their sellers, agents, and contractors. Uruguaybased Dlocal 150m 5b Septembertanbloomberg.


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