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Memes have been a big part of social media’s revolution as the popularity for funny, sarcastic jokes but as the time progresses the jokes have become much more dank which is not understandable to everyone. Such jokes have increased in huge numbers which look pretty odd and basic but the humour and irony induced in such jokes makes it very dank, typical jokes that are quite popular in the social media. One such popular dank joke trend on social media was Low Quality memes and let us know more details about it in brief.

Memes Origins: Low Quality

Low Quality memes originated for the first time in twitter by the user acrixmony who posted a video with very low quality pixelated format and shared in 2020. although it wasn’t quite popular as it had very few likes and had no response from anyone. The spread started in the year 2021, when TikTok user blushingjim1n posted the video with the same caption he took from the first user – ‘It has always been low quality videos’ that is considered to be the starting point for this trend as it got instantly viral and people started pixelated normal videos into low quality which made it look even more funnier and out of the box thinking started from it.

Memes Back History: Low Quality

Low Quality memes are one type of memes where the templates of memes, images, videos are pixelated into very low quality as it looks like something came out of past times. The image looks really funny in the low quality because there is not much of clarity and that makes it dank jokes.

These memes are very popular as it is very easy for people to pixelate the image into low quality because higher the quality, higher the resolution required which is not possible for everyone. But in this case, anyone can make any image or meme into lower quality by clicking the button and sharing it on social media. That is what happened with this meme trend and therefore that is the reason for such a huge response within such a short time.

Memes Popularity: Low Quality

Low quality memes are very popular which started in the year 2021, but still continues in 2022. The amount of laughter people get while reading these memes is evident in the numbers of memes made in social media. With over thousands of low quality memes and in addition to it, the creativity and sarcastic touch to these memes, thus ends up as meme trend. Low quality memes are popular till now, as every now and then, those memes do appear on at least one one platform of social media such as TikTok, FaceBook, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Low Quality Memes

Meme Impact:

Low Quality memes are just pixelated formats of videos, images or any memes, hence they are never omade to offend certain people. These memes have sarcastic humour based fun nature hence there is no controversy or any clashes with such low quality of memes even though it may look pixelated. Vene these memes include the faces of various celebrities but their fans do not offend or hurt by such low pixelated quality of the images or videos due to the theme of memes have been always kept funny and not to defame them. Therefore the impact of those memes is positive and really funny so that every person can enjoy these memes without any trouble.

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