Hotels Recommendation For Holiday in Bangkok

In 2022, many travel agents have opened trips abroad, both far and near, one of which is Thailand. Tens of thousands of people every year choose this country to visit because of its different charms. The most famous city is Bangkok. Even though it is considered a city that is developing in a modern way, Bangkok has a million destinations such as hotels in Bangkok, culinary centers, city parks and others. What makes Bangkok so interesting?

Hotels in Bangkok are very diverse, ranging from the cheapest to the most complete. Traveloka as the largest hotel provider site, will help you find a hotel in Bangkok that suits your pocket.

Check out the hotels that are suitable for holidays with the family below.

  1. Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin

Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin Bangkok is a hotel in a good neighborhood, which is located at Sena Nikhom. The first time you enter this hotel, you will be fascinated with the design and also the architecture of the hotel’s interior. From business events to corporate meetings, Livotel Hotel Kaset Nawamin Bangkok provides complete services and facilities that you and your colleagues need.

  1. Furama Silom Bangkok

Staying at Furama Silom Bangkok while you’re in Silom is a smart choice. Are you a shopaholic? Staying at Furama Silom Bangkok will surely pamper you with various shopping centers nearby. Enjoy your favorite dishes with special dishes from Furama Silom Bangkok, especially for you.

  1. Prince Palace Hotel

Prince Palace Hotel is in Bo Bae. Prince Palace Hotel is highly recommended for backpackers who want to get affordable and comfortable accommodation. This hotel is the perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Enjoy the most memorable night with your partner by staying at the Prince Palace Hotel.

Attractions to Visit While in Bangkok

  1. Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is a sprawling market located in the Chatuchak District of Bangkok. The shop is only open on Saturday and Sunday. Not only is it the biggest market in the city, but Chatuchak Market is also the biggest market in all of Thailand (and probably in the whole world). There are more than 15,000 shops selling a variety of merchandise and food, and it is estimated that more than 200,000 visitors come here every weekend.

  1. Siam Park City di Bangkok, Thailand

There are a number of rides available here and they are divided into five areas. The first area, namely the X-Zone with Giant Drop, is the highest ride in Southeast Asia that brings people to a sitting position and then rises vertically to a height of 75 meters. Then there is the second area, namely Family World, the third area, namely Small World, the fourth area, namely Fantasy World and finally the fifth area, namely Water Park.

  1. Children’s Discovery Museum Bangkok

The Bangkok Children’s Discovery Museum is an interactive museum in Chatuchak Park. There are enough fun and educational activities to keep kids busy all day, like digging dinosaur bones at archaeological sites and making giant bubbles. This is an excellent place for young inquisitive minds to find out for themselves, as well as for little ones who are eager to touch and grasp everything.

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  1. Siam Rare Books and Collectibles

This specialty shop celebrates all things Siam and Southeast Asia. Operated by knowledgeable and friendly dealers, entering Siam Rare Books & Collectibles is like gaining a rare insight into Thai history. Authentic antique opium weights complement rare books, maps and old prints, with a collection of antique trading cards and traditional Khon masks also on display.

Siam Rare Books & Collectibles is located at 151 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900.

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