How to Choose a Baby Formula Brand

Due to the wide range of baby formulas, choosing the right and wholesome product is challenging for many parents. When selecting an organic formula brand for your little one, consider your infant’s nutritional needs, doctor’s recommendations, and your personal preferences. This article provides pieces of advice on choosing the manufacturer of baby formula.

Reasons to Choose a European Baby Formula Brand

The main advantage of European baby formulas is their highest quality and 100% safety. The European Commission has made the EU-wide label for organic products mandatory in Europe. Aside from the public certification program, there are private ones, such as Demeter International and Bioland. These certifications go even beyond EU organic standards and are known as some of the strictest in Europe. So, when choosing a European brand of organic mixture for your infant, you can be sure that the standards and requirements for such goods in the region are very rigorous.

One proof of the quality of formulas from European manufacturers is the absence of added sugars like sucrose and corn syrup in products. Besides, according to legal requirements, at least 30% of all carbs in baby formulas must come from lactose. Also, all harmful substances, including pesticides, GMOs, heavy metals, and preservatives are prohibited in these products, even in the lowest detectable levels. The manufacturers’ adherence to strict regulations is frequently checked by legal authorities. 

Of all the countries that produce organic baby formulas, we recommend focusing on Germany. German products are known for their top quality and adherence to legal requirements. Some German manufacturers of infant formulas are HiPP, Holle, and Löwenzahn, among others.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Baby Formula

When selecting a brand of baby formula, take into account the following aspects.

1. Are there products for babies with special nutritional needs?

Such formulas include hypoallergenic, lactose-free, comfort, anti-reflux formulas, and other types of baby formulas that meet a particular baby’s nutritional needs related to some ailments or body specifics. Some manufacturers offer options designed for issues like regurgitation, colic, allergies, and dysbacteriosis.

2. Are there products based on goat’s milk?

Most baby formulas are based on cow’s milk, rich in micronutrients, such as iron. However, not all infants tolerate products made of cow’s milk. Formulas based on goat’s milk can be an alternative for such babies. Goat’s milk is also rich in nutrients, protein, and fatty acids and is digested easier due to its composition, which is closer to human breast milk.

3. Do baby formulas include probiotics and prebiotics?

Most HiPP products for infants contain both prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms stimulating the growth of healthy gut microflora and, therefore, enhancing the immune system. Prebiotic fibers are food for probiotics that are also often included in most European baby formulas.

4. Do the products contain enough nutrients?

Baby formulas should include enough iron, zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, manganese, and other minerals critical for proper baby development. The content of these nutrients in infant formulas is much higher than that in breast milk. The reason is that they absorb less efficiently from the formula than from mother’s milk.

German Baby Formula Brands to Consider

HiPP uses wholesome, organic components in its baby formulas. The manufacturer was one of the first brands to add prebiotics and probiotics to their products. Besides, the company offers the widest product range which includes lines with diversified compositions designed for babies with special nutritional needs.

Holle was the first company to possess a Demeter certificate of quality. The brand uses only wholesome ingredients of organic origin in their baby formulas. They also have product lines based on goat’s milk.

Löwenzahn Organics formulas contain the ingredients of the highest quality, including DHA from algae oil and organic prebiotic fibers. All the ingredients of this company’s formulas originate from responsible organic production. Furthermore, Löwenzahn Organics has been recognized as the best manufacturer of baby formulas in 2022.




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