Jazzy Distefano: Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Chris Distefano is an American comedian who was born in Brooklyn, New York. His fans got very curious to know who is his wife. Many famous personalities have done a lot to pave the way for the rest. They either choose one career or take a multifaceted path to earn respect. Ultimately, it helps build a skill that not everyone has. A well-earned idea indeed! However, today we are going to talk about Jazzy Distefano, who you may not know from the silver screen. But he has certainly taken on some diverse jobs that are noteworthy.

Who is Jazzy Distefano?

Jazzy’ Distefano’s is a person that can take an example to follow. She is not just the wife of a celeb but a lady who has made fitness her way of living and hence, the very factor is providing her with the money which is just too inspiring. Despite being a mother of two and carrying a newborn in her, Jazzy does look fit and fine. Her face does glow in a manner one can get jealous of.

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano Physical Appearance

NameJazzy Distefano
Date of birthApril 17, 1984
Place of birthBrooklyn, new york
FatherEdwin Canuelas
MotherLiz Canuelas
Age37 years old
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight57 kgs
Professiona fitness trainer
Net worth $1 million to $5 million

Jazzy Distefano Family: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister

Edwin Canuelas is the name of her father. She is a Latina, having Puerto Rican roots. Her mother’s name is Liz Canuelas. She grew up with a sister named Jessica Canuelas. She is Puerto Rican from her roots but her birthplace was New York, which is one of the most famous cities around the world.

  • Jazzy did not have a brother. However, she feels having a sister was always great. Her sister Jessica married to Tom Rashford, who is a chef at a five-star hotel. Jessica blessed to have a boy named Roman Rashford.
  • While growing up, Edwin loved both of her daughters to the level that they were fully pampered. It does show the sweet side her father has. Edwin was a very easy-going father who did not like to beat up her kids at all, while her mother was a pure Latina and it was she who did make both of her sisters in discipline.
  • Despite her husband rumoured to be a guy, Jazzy has always stayed with her husband as she knows that these are just stories for the media. At these hard times that they do get from social media, Jazzy’s sister is like a brick who does keep things very well for her beloved sister.
  • Despite being rich, both of the sisters do like to stay down to earth. It is a very good thing that most rich women can learn as money does not grow in trees as per the views of Jazzy and her sister.
  • They liked to play a lot while growing up. It indeed a great time for both of the sisters as they had someone to share things and tell how life can be creative when there is something different to do they did many strange things as a pair which they do not want to talk in public.
Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano Early Life

Jazzy Distefano did have a very strange early life. As she did not have many friends, hence, it did become very hard for her to learn the art of being social very well. This was a long battle for Jazzy, which did not seem to be a major problem for others. When she was 10 years old, her family was med for WWE and WCW – but she did not like it at all.

“Jazzy and Ella were very good friends, are and will be. She used to steal candy from our school friends and then give it to me. It kind of a cute love she has for me as candies were my favorite when I was a child,” said Ella, who now works as a dentist in New York, United States.

Jazzy Distefano Career

Jazzy Distefano is a fitness trainer or instructor. She recently started her YouTube channel where she posts videos of several fitness techniques and guides. She opened her channel in March 2020. Today, she has about 772 subscribers on her channel, Jazzy Method. Distefano also gives physical classes for fitness in the gym. She obsessed with fitness and during the quarantine, she made videos for the people. Distefano created her fitness method herself.

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano Relationships Husband, Boyfriend

Jazzy Distefano married to her love of life – Chris Distefano – in 2015 after dating for three good years. She is now a mother of two – Delilah Distefano and Violette Luna Distefano.

The pair is close to welcoming the third child to the family very soon. Her husband had dated Carly Aquilino before. However, this relationship did not work for them. Before Chris Distefano, Jazzy did have three boyfriends named – Roman Chadha, Roman Fancies and Angelo Fury. However, she was not able to see something creative in her life with them. Jazzy met Chris at a common friend’s party in New York. It was not love at first sight, as the pair did take two months to fall in love.

Jazzy: “I always looked for a guy like Chris because he does push me hard to do something and become independent. It can be seen as the need of the hour for me to feel special that I have a husband like Chris, who is my soulmate and everything to me.”

Jazzy had many ups and downs. Hence, she always looked for creating an impact in her love life. After failing to get the love for her life on three different occasions, she got the famous person whom she loves a lot. This does show a lot about a person who always looked for love but did not get it on three different occasions before meeting a person whom she does like a lot and blessed to have kids too.

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano Career, Profession and Lifestyle

Jazzy Distefano is a fitness trainer who teaches Zumba and all online and offline. It does make her earn a lot of money as first of all, she skilled and then she is a wife of a famous celeb. Hence, it does add cheery at the top. She loves her life as Jazzy does and likes to watch people staying fit and opting to choose fit. Jazzy does like to live a decent life as most celebs’ wives do – but not to the level others do. She likes to eat at any place where food is good – but in the limit as a professional fitness trainer, she does like to set good examples.

Jazzy does like to carry Gucci bags mostly, with Jimmy Choo as her beloved footwear brand. This does allow her to have that chic touch which creates a good aura around her. And who does not like to have a good aura? Wine is something that makes her happy, so it does not seem to be a fact that marital energies do not attract her. She once spent 100k on wine, which can buy a house in Noida, India.

But other than that, she likes to have a simple life. It is what defines her from the perspective of life and the fruits which one can get when the family does have money to spend and feel special all the time. This is what the class of being different is all about. And she does like to stay within limits most of the time.      

Social Media

Jazzy Distefano does have an Insta handle where she holds over 36.4k followers as of 2023. She does like sharing her golden family times along with her fitness posts. She is on YouTube with over 1k subscribers. However, she has stopped making regular uploads over there. On a website named Patreon, she even created her fitness goal where one can follow her journey and inspired too.

She is also on Venmo. However, Jazzy does not like to use Twitter to the level of Instagram and TikTok. Hence, one can see her Insta booming in that rapid manner as not being a celeb and still having over 36.4k followers does say a lot about her fame. Indeed, many of her husband’s fans do follow her so it does allow them to see what she is been up to. She does also use WhatsApp a lot for communicating with close friends and family members.

Jazzy Distefano

Jazzy Distefano Net Worth

Jazzy Distefano has a net worth of USD 1 million. Most of these sums come to form her rich husband, who has passed some of his net worth to her. Chris Distefano has a net worth of 7 million USD as of 2023. Jazzy does use her money very well.

She is very much fond of trees and uses a lot of money to grow trees and make the US a nation with green culture. Other than that, she does support three NGOs in the US and one in Ghana. Most of these sums come to from her rich husband, who has passed some of his net worth to her.

Chris has a net worth of 7 million USD as of 2023. Jazzy does use her money very well. She is very much fond of trees and uses a lot of money to grow trees and make the US a nation with green culture. Other than that, she does support three NGOs in the US and one in Ghana.

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