How To Overcome Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating may not cause pain, but it can affect your social relationships and self-esteem. This disorder can prevent you from enjoying your favorite physical activities for fear of soaking your clothes. The first step to recovering from Upper East Side Hyperhidrosis is talking to a specialist.

When to talk to a specialist about excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, medically referred to as hyperhidrosis, is a disorder that causes one to sweat profusely even under humid conditions and with no physical activity. Hyperhidrosis is the result of overactive eccrine glands. Hot body temperature or vigorous exercise causes or exacerbates hyperhidrosis in most people. People with this disorder often sweat on their heads, underarms, palms, or feet. In some cases, perspiration can be severe, forcing you to change clothes multiple times a day.

Although hyperhidrosis is a medical disorder, it doesn’t signify a severe drug interaction or underlying health condition. Although you might be healthy, untreated hyperhidrosis can result in skin infections, foul odor, and dehydration. Inform your provider immediately if you sweat heavily with dizziness, rapid pulse, or pain in your throat, arms, jaw, or chest. You can also seek medical care if sweating causes social withdrawal, emotional distress, disrupts your daily life, or causes sudden night sweats. Your symptoms will help your doctor determine the type of hyperhidrosis you have. Focal hyperhidrosis often occurs on both sides of your and doesn’t improve without treatment, while generalized hyperhidrosis occurs while you’re sleeping.

Factors contributing to hyperhidrosis

The underlying cause of excessive sweating is still a mystery, but medical experts assert that the disorder is due to hyperactive sweat glands. Your nerves transmit signals that trigger your sweat gland to produce a lot of unnecessary perspiration. Although nervousness or stress can exacerbate this disorder, sometimes it can occur for no apparent reason. Medical experts believe that hyperhidrosis has a genetic component, and if you have it, someone in your family has it too. In most cases, hyperhidrosis symptoms begin during puberty. Primary hyperhidrosis is due to faulty nerve signals, while secondary hyperhidrosis is due to certain medications or medical disorders. Medical conditions that can trigger or worsen hyperhidrosis include infections, some types of cancer, diabetes, menopause, hot flashes, and thyroid problems.

Diagnosis and treatment of hyperhidrosis

Many feel embarrassed or ashamed to bring up excessive sweating among their peers. The MDCS Dermatology: Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery team understands that hyperhidrosis is a sensitive subject for many, and they offer the treatment without being judgemental. During your appointment, your provider will review your medical history and evaluate your symptom. They may suggest starch-iodine or paper tests determine the cause and type of hyperhidrosis you have. While there is no precise cure for hyperhidrosis, several treatments can improve your symptoms and quality of life. Treatment of secondary hyperhidrosis will rely on the underlying issue. Your treatment plan may include lifestyle changes, oral medications, aluminum-based antiperspirants, and clinical-grade cloth wipes. If you don’t experience relief, your doctor may suggest botox injections or microwave therapy.

If you struggle with excessive sweating, call the MDCS Dermatology: Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery office or book an appointment online for treatment.


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