5 Eye Drooping Conditions That Can Compromise Your Vision Health

Eyelid drooping, or ptosis, refers to excessive sagging in the upper eyelid. This condition is characterized by baggy eyelid skin or weakened levator muscles that cause the upper eyelid to lie over the eye, compromising the field of vision. If left untreated, Ptosis in Reston can make everyday activities like driving difficult or risky. The pressure exerted on your eye can cause infections and other visual problems. Ptosis can be categorized into two broad categories – acquired ptosis, which develops later in life, or congenital ptosis, which you are born with. Here is a look at the different classifications.

Congenital Ptosis

As mentioned, congenital ptosis refers to ptosis that is present at birth. Patients with congenital ptosis can usually track the problem to an underdeveloped levator muscle. This condition can usually compromise superior field vision in children. Superior field vision refers to the top part of the visual field and, when faulty, can cause the child to tilt their head back to try and see better. Untreated congenital ptosis can also lead to other visual problems like a lazy eye (amblyopia).

Myogenic Ptosis

A myogenic ptosis is a form of acquired ptosis caused by weakness of the levator muscle resulting from a systemic disorder. Several conditions can lead to myogenic ptosis, including muscular dystrophy and chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia. Additionally, patients with a neuromuscular condition that affects muscle and nerve communication can develop myogenic ptosis. This problem is usually caused by a faulty immune response and can cause muscle weakness.

Neurogenic Ptosis

Ptosis can also be caused by dysfunction in the nerve pathways that control eyelid movement. This type of eyelid drooping is called neurogenic ptosis and can be caused by conditions like Horner syndrome, third nerve palsy, and myasthenia gravis. In some cases, neurogenic ptosis can be a symptom of peripheral nerve damage. This condition is caused by peripheral nerve injury resulting from tumor compression in the lung or artery trauma in the neck. In addition to eyelid drooping, patients with peripheral nerve damage may also experience a lack of sweating and constricted pupils.

Aponeurotic Ptosis

Aponeurotic ptosis is the most common form of acquired ptosis. This condition occurs when the levator muscle is overstretched due to natural aging. Sometimes, aponeurotic ptosis can be caused by the extended use of contact lenses and eyelid pulling or rubbing due to irritation.

Traumatic Ptosis

Ptosis can also be caused by trauma or injury to the eyelid, usually resulting from an accident. The accident in question weakens or compromises the lavatory muscle, causing the upper eyelid to droop. In other cases, the trauma can be caused by a structural abnormality, like a tumor pressing on the eyelid.

Restore Your Vision Health with Ptosis Surgery

When eyelid drooping is present at birth, it might not have a distinguishable cause beyond underdeveloped muscles. However, acquired ptosis can often be a symptom of an underlying medical condition like thyroid disease, headache syndromes, or diabetes. This is why it is crucial to discuss ptosis symptoms with your doctor immediately. They can recommend and perform ptosis surgery to correct the underlying problem and restore the function and look of your upper eyelid. In addition to eliminating the tired and aged look that accompanies eyelid drooping, ptosis surgery can restore your vision health. Call a certified provider to learn more today.


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