Acumatica Vs. MeasureSquare: Your Guide to the Perfect Construction Software

The construction industry is quite a competitive industry, numerous construction software is available in the market to make the jobs easy for the construction industry workers. Acumatica Software and MeasureSquare software are two such software that are available to make their job easy. There are numerous similarities between both software. Let’s have a closer look at their similarities and differences in a comprehensive manner.     

MeasureSquare is a suite for trades like flooring, tiling, and stone/granite. It helps in increasing sales and accuracy rates, automating processes, and reducing costs. Specifically designed for project managers, builders, installers, tile and stone contractors, estimators, sales representatives, and property managers. It manages large projects, for commercial flooring bidding and takeoff, offers PDF import, and provides layout algorithms. It captures signatures, supports quotes, and more for retail flooring. 

Flooring projects require oodles of collaboration; the more the collaboration, the more your profit. MeasureSquare cloud provides collaboration by simple sharing of product catalogs and projects between the office and the field. It offers more than demo floor plans to its clients. Use Measure Square if you want to: 

Have Fewer Errors: by Sharing floorplans with clients and installers over the web. 

Reduce Waste: by including laser measurements to get accurate designs. 

Stay on Budget: by connecting fields and office teams to get more accurate bids. 

Acumatica Cloud ERP is the top choice of digitally resilient construction companies, as it is the most adaptable business management solution for expanding small and mid—sized business organizations. 

Customers from all around the world get involved in practically all industry sectors. Specialized industry editions are offered to construction, retail-commerce, distribution, and manufacturing.  

Everything expanding companies need to automate quote-to-cash and procure-to-pay business processes with streamlined month-end closing processes, which are offered through the comprehensive, role-based business management application.  

Applications are offered for business intelligence and reporting, sales and marketing, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management, financials, data collection, mobility, field service, project accounting, manufacturing operations, payroll, and other business departments. 

Acumatica Cloud ERP—Key Features 

Acumatica Cloud ERP takeaway features; 

Technology Leadership on a Future-Proof Cloud Platform 

Acumatica software provides a future-proof, mobile business platform specifically manufactured for artificial intelligence and machine learning with open connectivity and rapid development tools to support your business needs for the next few decades. deepdotweb coadmin to prison

Best in Class Business and Industry Functionality 

Acumatica offers you an opportunity for your business or organization growth on a comprehensive and connected business management suite with best-in-class business and powerful automation, industry functionality, and flexible configuration options.  

Customer-Friendly Business Practices 

You can partner with an ethical ERP leader focused solely on your business application. It helps you in choosing reliable ERP veteran-centered innovative technologies for growing mid-market businesses and organizations.  

Acumatica Cost 

The Price of Acumatica Cloud ERP is determined by the provider. The pricing model is consumption-based licensing based on tiers by product edition with optional applications. They provide a “pay-as-you-go” payment model for their customer. They do not offer a free trial and also no free version is available.  

Acumatica Demo 

Acumatica’s free demo is available on its website for customer viewing so that the customers are able to see for themselves the benefits of using its construction software.   

Acumatica Reviews 

Acumatica software holds a 4.4—star rating with 59 reviews on Capterra. 

Due to its multiple levels of customer support, Acumatica holds the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

MeasureSquare —Key Features 

Speed Up the Creation of Floor Plans 

To improve accuracy with Measure Square’s on—site measuring tool for sophisticated shapes (integrated with a laser) speed up the creation of the floor plan.  

MeasureSquare Enables Roll Goods 

MeasureSquare enables roll goods (like; carpet and vinyl), seam and cut sheet layout optimization to minimize waste on projects. 

Create Complex Tile Patterns 

Create complex tile patterns as design custom tiles with complex shapes using Measure Square’s tile pattern designer tool. 

Share and Collaborate  

Teams can share and collaborate on their projects by syncing projects in the cloud, and on all of their devices. 

High Performance for Large Commercial Projects 

MeasureSquare provides high performance for large commercial projects, allowing users to import large—scale drawings and plans into Measure Square with ease. 

MeasureSquare Cost  

MeasureSquare solutions are paid on a monthly basis, or annually for a 20% discount. 

Mobile on iPad/iPhone: $49 per user/month  

Multi-family Edition on Windows: $149 per user/month 

Commercial Edition on Windows: $179 per user/month 

FloorLink CRM subscription: $149/month/store with 3-users included. 

It offers a fully functional 14-day software download.  

MeasureSquare Demo 

MeasureSquare offers a free on-demand demo to its customers to get an insight into the software’s workings and have a clear picture of what to expect from their purchase.   

MeasureSquare Reviews 

MeasureSquare is the highest—rated software with a 4.6—star rating with 126 reviews on Capterra. Flexibility and ease of gaining measurements and determining different layouts are the qualities that are most popular with the customers. The major issue a lot of customers face is, that true mastery is not easily achieved, and the sheer magnitude of options can take time. 

Concluding Thoughts—Acumatica Software Vs. MeasureSquare Software 

Acumatica and MeasureSquare both are construction estimating software that are similar in many features but also hold some distinctively unique features.   

Suitable for 2 – 500 users, Acumatica Cloud ERP is to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, offering best-in-class functionality to help them thrive as connected, resilient companies in the digital economy. It can help simplify and streamline your construction and manufacturing processes smoothly.  

Designed for 1 – 1000+ users, MeasureSquare is designed for Commercial contractors, general contractors, interior designers, and takeoff estimators. It is incredible at identifying mistakes, and occupying the ability to construct 3D versions of the job in the middle of takeoff, makes MeasureSquare a good choice. This article provides you with ample information to pick the right construction software according to your business needs. 

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