Ninja Costume: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Ninja Costume: Intro

Ninja , also know as shinobi was a mercenary back in feudal Japan , Ninja’s fighting skills in martial arts is unmatchable . There are a lot of series which features ninjas in it , especially in action series and movies , they are best known for their war skills . that’s why they are popular amongst views , the way they are featured in the series and movies is so fascinating to watch , one wants to be like them , wants to have skills like them . Now this was about ninja , lets talk about their super COOL attire.

Ninja Costume: Ideas

Ninja’s attire or their uniform is called ninja-yoroi or ninja armor, the outfit of ninja consists of black fitted jacket , similar colour trousers , for the footwear they wear light sandals and a hooded cowl. Though Ninja’s colour of outfit has various , black is the lead colour but sometimes they have combination of  red colour in their outfit , behind this there’s a strategy to hide the ninja injures from the enemies. It has been proven through some evidence that ninja wears all white costumes in snowy region . But in movies and series we have seen multicoloured ninja outfits , those ninjas don’t exist in real life , they are fictious , apart from cloths , there are some weapons which ninjas carry with them , which are throwing stars, or ninja stars , and the iconic sword like equipment is called shinobigatana , honesty ninja outfit is incomplete without these weapons , they add coolness and charm to their outfit .         

So, if you thinking of becoming Ninja this Halloween season or you got invitation for costume theme party from your friend , then here  an idea , you and your gang can together become ninjas and hit the party together , trust me you guys would look so damn COOL and unique , will definitely turn heads .

Let’s see types of ninjas outfit , specially for the girls , yes you read it right  ninja outfit for girls , who we are waiting for , lets dive in .

Ninja Costume

Types of Ninja outfit which you can wear to Halloween party

So, ninja girls’ outfit good so good, I believe girl costume is way cooler than boy ninjas , but you guys can go as ninja couple to the Halloween party , Ninja couple would look so look .

Outfits mention above are for suggestion , you can easily get them online or on retail shop of costumes . The aura of ninja is so fascinating , you definitely going to catch eyes .

If you enjoy reading about costumes and outfits , then stay tuned for next one .

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