Cheems Meme: Jokes, Fun, Love, Class

The cheems meme is hands down of the most funniest memes because of the character involved. The character is a popular dog who is an Ironic Doge character, he even has a name and it’s Balltze. There are a variety of memes this character is involved in. There is one template where he just simply mispronounces names or spellings of random things. There is another famous one where he is compared to a more muscular and buffed version of himself, which is used to compare things which are great vs things which are not. These kind of memes became very famous on meme sites, especially on reddit. The year in which these memes were originated are 2019 & 2020.


Thanks to the buffed doge vs normal doge template, so many people were able to bring their opinion forward toward different things by comparing them. Doge has become such a “must” character of the meme culture. People have printed the Doge character on tshirts, bags, caps and started to wear it a style symbol when the memes were trending. When this kind of meme was first posted on twitter it got more than 12K likes and 1.3K retweets. Similarly when this meme was first posted on reddit, it got more than 38K upvotes in the subreddit known as r/dankMemes. On Twitter, a user named “princetoxic” posted four memes  based on the same format and it got over a whooping 70K likes!


  • Buffed Doge : The final boss in the game when you fight him

Cheems : The final boss as a playable character.

  • Buffed Doge : 2010 Youtube is a platform for freedom of speech and every kind of content

Cheems : 2020 Youtube will terminate your channel if you use a bad word

  • Buffed Doge : Kids then – Mom I ate sand

Cheems : Kids now – Mom I am allergic to bread

  • Buffed Doge : Teens in anime

Cheems : teens in real life

Cheems Meme
  • Buffed Doge : My art when I draw with adobe and digital tools

Cheems : My art when I draw with pen & paper.

  • Buffed Doge : Priests earlier – I burnt 15 witches

Cheems : Priests now – I am afraid of bisexual people.

  • Buffed Doge : teens back then – I will work hard to support my family

Cheems : teens now – where is my oh my god please help.

  • Buffed Doge : street dogs – I have marked the family and I will keep them safe

Cheems : pet dogs – thunder & rain is so scary

  • Buffed Doge : my math skills earlier – 15×13 = 195

Cheems : my math skills now – is 8 a number?

  • Buffed Doge : Indians back then – I will starve myself if the Britain doesn’t leave

Cheems : Indians now – my tiktok views have dropped


Since corona, the mental state of many individuals has not been very good. But memes have always helped us. Memes aren’t just casual timepass anymore, they are a culture now. Memes actually helps in communicating to the people we care about. They are a gateway of happiness and joy. Memes have made it possible for us to smile in the baddest of times.

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